Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 10 - San Jose-Houston-HOME


Unfortunately, I can NOT say the trip home went smoothly!  Martin and I woke up a little late, or taxi driver was a little late, we didn't have enough cash to pay him when we got there, and...long story short...WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT!!  Here are a couple of pictures I took while standing outside of the airport waiting on Martin to go get cash to pay our driver - not realizing we were missing our flight!

Yea, I feel like I'm a pretty experienced international traveler by now, and THIS was certainly NOT supposed to happen!  We were there more than an hour early, but apparently it is near impossible to get through security if you are trying to get back IN to the United States from Costa Rica!  After begging and pleading with management, we were told there absolutely was NOTHING they could do to get us on that plane.  I booked another flight for 5 hours later, made it through all the security lines where they checked and re-checked every single thing I had, and stood in the terminal as I watched my plane take off -- THE ONE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON!  Ugghh...

I had plenty of time to chill in the airport, so after buying a prepaid phone card and calling home to let everyone know about my small disaster, I bought a couple books and found a corner to sit on the floor and read.  Skinny Bitch is one good book - haha!  :)

After several L O N G hours in the airport, I finally got on my flight, short and easy in to Houston, grabbed some dinner at Chiles (a good 'ole cheesebruger and fries never tasted so good!), almost missed my next flight (seriously ) and finally landed in KC tonight! 

Here is the sunset leaving Houston...


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