Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 7 - Monteverde *UPDATE*

Change of plans...  I am hopping on a public bus at 6am for Puntarenas.  From there I will take another public bus to Jaco to the beach!  If Jaco sucks, I will take another bus to Manuel Antonio.  I am so worn out from doing so much active stuff and the beach is sounding nice, plus if I get some energy, Jaco and Manuel Antonio beaches have some of the best surfing in Costa Rica!  :) 

The white water rafting is too far away from here and it is difficult to schedule with this short of notice (and time).  The really good rapids I can't do tomorrow because of travel time, and then they do over-night tours with two days of rafting, which won't work because I leave on Monday.  SO...white water rafting is out, the beach is in! :)  The pictures from the internet look amazing...I hope it is! :)

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