Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 3 - Lake Atitlan *UPDATE*

So I always think of more stuff I want to write like as soon as I get up from the computer.  Luckily, Irene has a super cool and super tiny little computer that she is letting me use it tonight in our room. So much more convenient! :)

Okay, so one, I am totally fried (ie sunburnt).  I put on spf 55, honestly, I did.  But turns out being out on the lake all day is not good for a fair skinned white girl! ;)  My knees and tops of my feet are so burnt they sting all the time!  Shoulders and neck and nose are quite red as well.  Nothing like what I got in Peru last year though...  Hopefully it doesn't peel this time!! :(

One interesting thing about the little windy and very steep mountain roads is that they have medium sized stones along the size of the road - instead of guard rails like we have!  I mean how is that suppposed to protect you!?  I guess if you hit a big rock you better grab the 'oh shit' handle bars they have right in front of every seat or what!  Haha...makes me laugh every time I see them.  Also, they have speed bumps, but only on one side of the road, so instead of driving over them, everyone just waits until it is safe to drive AROUND them, in to on-coming traffic.  Some good those things did! ;)

I ordered ice cream at McDonalds tonight - IN SPANISH!  Haha...not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself.  And actually, it was like 80% spanish and maybe 20% english - a little dialect I call "Spanglish."  I ordered an ice cream sundae with chocolate and caramel, he totally understood me, and he made it perfect, just the way I like it!  The people at the Mcdonalds in the US don't even understand me when I order it in plain English!  In face, I think some of the workers here at this one just might understand English better than some of the Mcdonalds I've been to in the states... ;)

Okay, that's really it for now.  Irene is done re-packing her bag so we are going to try and get some sleep now. 

PS - how is it that I managed to bring more clothes than her for my 10 days, when she is traveling for 11 months??  ;)

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