Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 4 - around Antigua

After I left McDonalds this morning, I set out to see a little more of Antigua.  There is a bautiful old church/convent turned museum turned partial hotel on the other side of town that I thought I should see while I was here called Iglesia Y Convento de Santo Domingo.  As much as I DON'T like history, it was pretty cool and impressive to see. :)  Lots of pics, of course.  I am LOVING my fancy new camera and am so glad I brought it!  There were the most beautiful and unusual flowers ever there! Also, in one of the open courtyards there were lots of parrots, well, like 8 I think. :)  And when you walked up to them they said hola! was SO cool, so I got out my video camera and tried twice to get themto say it, and of course, every time I finally quit recording, they'd say it again. So frustrated with those stupid parrots!  When I walked off for good, like out of the courtyard, one of them was really squawking HOOOOOLLAAAA!!  Haha...cracked me up, but I'm sure if I would've gotten the video camera out again he would have stopped!  So I now have two videos, each probably 30 seconds to a minute long at least, of me saying hola to a parrot and it looking at me with it's head sideways like I'm retarded. Awesome. ;) There were lots of different rooms and things to see at this old convent.  There were some little stairs going underground and there were real skeletons under there,that they found buried beneath the church.  Kinda creepy...

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