Friday, November 6, 2015

Arizona: Horeshoe Bend --> Phoenix


I had a bumpy start to my day.  Scott got up and drove us the rest of the way to the Horeshoe Bend trailhead.  I tried to sleep as he drove, but it was a curvy, bumpy road so that didn't really happen.

I got up when we got to the trail head, put on layers and layers of warm clothes (it was like 32 degrees I think), and we set off in the semi-dark for the lookout spot.

It was a short and easy hike, so that was good.  A hard hike in the cold, that early in the morning, just isn't my idea of fun.

But the view was pretty amazing.  I think I would have done a hard hike to get to this:

This is another one of those places that pictures just really don't do justice.  It is HUGE.

There are three boats down in the water, and you can hardly see them -- for a size reference.

I immediately found a good cliff that jetted out a little, and dangled my feet off.  I'm always up for a little adrenaline rush.  

Scott set up his camera and started shooting, so I just hung out with my feet hanging, taking it all in.

I took tons of pictures, but they're all about the same, and like I said, really don't show just how incredible this place is!

The sun eventually came up, thank goodness, because I was almost at my breaking point for being too cold.

It warmed me up just enough to sit on another cliff for a few pictures for Scott.  Glad I did.  They turned out great!

"When your life is about to take a 180, sometimes you have to just sit back and go with the flow."  Such a clever caption for this picture and this stage of my life!

Got one of both of us with his self timer!

We made it back to the car, thawed out, and then I drove a couple of hours while Scott worked.

^^ Northern Arizona

We stopped in Cameron, Arizona for a gas and bathroom break, and decided to stay there for a little bit to work.  Cell service was spotty around there so we played it safe.  

It was almost lunch time, so I decided to finally try out the new blender.


It worked great and blended everything up just how I like it.  (I guess the cheap one really was just too cheap.)


I cleaned up the van, got out and walked around a little...just killed some time while we waited on Scott's friend, Dale, to come meet us.  He randomly figured out we were in the area, and he wasn't far away so drove over to say hi.

Of course he had to get a tour of the van.  (Doesn't take long!)

We hung out and chatted it up for awhile, and got to hear all about Dale's climbing adventures in Moab around Halloween (hence the horse head mask).


Once he left, we did too, headed for Flagstaff.

We stopped to make some food there, and the parking lot we stopped in just happened to have a Best Buy AND a Marshalls right there.  I might have had something to do with that decision since I was driving.

I got Scott a phone holder for the van on our first date, but I don't like it at all.  And now that I"m driving that thing about as much as he is, I wanted to upgrade.  That's why I needed a BestBuy.  

My new one on the left (by the steering wheel), and the old one I got him on the right in front of the pasenger seat:


Marshalls was just an added bonus.  I ran in and got a new dress for the rehearsal dinner next weekend, but when I tried it on in the van, even Scott noticed it was way too big.  So back it went

While I was shopping, he was cooking up a delicious lunch.  Food in the van usually consists of eggs and veggies and quinoa - and it's always so good.

One thing I was NOT excited about seeing there?  SNOW on the sidewalk:

I piled up the dishes from lunch in the sink, and set off driving again - headed down to Phoenix.

We were out of water, so we stopped at the closest rest area with a water fountain and filled up.  And I did the dishes right there. 


Dump the dirty water, fill up the clean water jug, and you can see my dishes and soap on the right:

The plan was to workout at some point today.  That's the plan every day.  It just usually doesn't happen.  But today, we decided to pull off the interstate for the Black Canyon trail.  Scott wanted to mountain bike it and wanted to run it.

The trail was gorgeous, but ont the easiest to bike -- or run for that matter.

I made it a mile and a half before my foot started hurting from the uneven surface.  Scott biked about an hour.

He made it back just as the sun was going down -- which was good because once again, he didn't take a headlamp with him!

In my head, we had so much time this morning to make it to Phoenix by early afternoon.  I swear, this is my plan every day:  get up, work out, drive to our spot and hang out there all afternoon.

And this is how the day really goes:  get up, drive alllll day, arrive at night. ;)

So we left Black Canyon around 5:30 made our way the last hour and a half in to Phoenix for our adventure race...which started at 7.  

Late, again. Still not sure how it took us all day to get five hours, but it did.

All things Cotopaxi Questival (our 24 hour adventure race) in the next post...

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