Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Back in KC...

Tuesday, November 24:

I was excited to be home, but even more excited that I found my GoPro!  I thought there was a chance I had lost it or left it in California.  But when I unpacked, it was right where I left it. 

Today was nothing exciting, just unpacking and laundry and cleaning...and enjoying the quiet, easy life in Kansas.

After a week in the San Fran area, just seeing a quiet street not packed with 800 cars was refreshing.

And of course seeing my niece and nephew was the best!

Hadley was having a sleepover with her cousin, Harper, so I took them both to Wal-Mart for a little outing.


Aunt of the Year.  I let them do whatever they want. :)


And always reward them with candy.

Wednesday, November 25:

I got back in the swing of things with an early morning workout...but then needed a nap!

Had lunch at TLoft and caught up with a co-worker.  Didn't sound like I was missing much at the office. ;)

I had to run to Wal-Mart for something that afternoon and they were already clearing the place out and carting in the big Thanksgiving Day sale items.  NO desire to be at that place tomorrow.  I'm sure it will be a zoo!

My mom and picked Hunter up from school and took him to see the movie The Good Dinosaur.

He was all about it the first 30 minutes, popcorn in hand.

But after the third "potty break" - we realized he was completely over it.  We wanted to stay and watch the end.  He just stood in the door waiting for us.  HA!  (We left early.)

My mom kept him occupied while I ran out and found a new outfit for him.  He's going to look so good in this for Thanksgiving tomorrow!  

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