Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This year I started off Thanksgiving Day in a new way:  Sweat the Turkey Off workout!  It was an hour and a half of FUN -- and then I didn't feel so bad about eating an entire pumpkin pie.  (Kidding! I only had three pieces!)

I say it all the time, I am going to miss the gym and these girls about as much as anything when I'm traveling around next year. 

As soon as I got back to the house, it was prep time.  My mom put me to work on the Thanksgiving feast.  I had to shuffle stuff from our house to Kelli's (where we were having Thanksgiving) so we could use her oven, too.

It was pouring rain all morning.  Yuck.

Kelli really pulled out all the stops and had the house AND food ready to go!

I mean, look how cute this little turkey is!

I caught Hunter read-handed stealing some bread from the table:


While we waited for a few more things in the oven, we watched football, chased the cat (who wasn't supposed to be inside) and listened to music.  It might be a little crazy sometimes, but seriously have the best family ever. 

I mean, come on.  Could he be any cuter!?

The food was all delicious, and we all ate way too much.  That's what Thanksgiving is for, right?

Don't judge me for my dessert plate!

The chocolate cake might have been a bit of a bust, hahaha!  I'm not sure what happened to it, but let's just say it was more of a thin, runny pudding than a pie!

I just wanted a pic with the little kids.  Is that too much to ask?  

Apparently so.  Look at those faces!

It took some bribing, but I eventually got one with my two nieces and three nephews.  

Girls only!
We had to re-do this one like six times because I ate so much I look pregnant!
We cleaned up after dinner, played a game of Pie in the Face (too funny!) and eventually left.  

But we didn't go home.  Instead, we braved the Black Friday madness at Best Buy for a new Macbook Air!

They opened at 6pm, so we got out of the car right at 6 and went to the end of the line.  In the freezing rain.  Ugh.

Look at the water just gushing out of the drains!  So.Much.Rain.  And so cold!

It really wasn't that crazy inside.  I mean we had to wait in line for awhile, but nothing nuts.  And I walked out with a new laptop...which doubled as a great umbrella.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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