Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Malibu --> Tahoe --> KC

Sunday, November 22:

I was beyond worn out last night, and crashed pretty hard.  What a week, and what a fun ending to it! But Sunday morning, it was back to work!  We had to load up alllllll of the flowers from the venue and take them to Shannon's parents house in Malibu for the farewell brunch.  They barely fit.  Barely.

But they looked great as decorations at the house!

Plenty of people were already there by the time we made it.

Look at that spread of food!  Breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, salmon, yogurt cups, bagels... Mmmmmmm.  

So many people came.  Way more than I expected.  Shannon and Ryan are very loved. :)

I was there until around 1, when I finally loaded up Shannon's car with what I could, and hit the road for the 5.5 for drive from Malibu back to the apartment in Mountain View.

It's hard to complain about a long drive when this is your view for the first couple of hours:

Even away from the ocean, it wast still a beautiful sunset. 

I made great time, only stopping once for gas and a bathroom break.  I pulled in to Mountain View around 7:30...and TRAFFIC.  Come on!  Where do all these people come from!

I unloaded the car with all the wedding stuff, ran a couple more errands to return stuff, and crashed.  

Another long travel day tomorrow...

Monday, November 23:

I got up at 5am and hit the road by 5:30.  I'm getting tired of these early mornings!  But I have to make it back to Tahoe to drop off Scott's car, and then get to Reno for my flight at 1.  Poor planning on my part, but too late to do anything about it now.

Sunrise just east of the bay area:

The drive got a lot better when I got away from all the cars and people of the city and in to the mountains.

I always get so excited when I finally catch a glimpse of Lake Tahoe, and today was no different. I about went off the road trying to take this picture, and you can hardly even see the lake!

I drove 90 the whole way and made it to Gardnerville in record time.  Dropped off Scotts car, hopped in the van, and made a quick trip over to the lake for a short little hike at Cave Rock.

It was all of a 10 minute hike, which was perfect because I was in Toms wedges and jeans.  Not quite hiking attire.

Look at these views.  Isn't it gorgeous!?

The hike got a little tougher at the end, to get up the actual rock.  But I made it.


And man was I glad I did.  The view is always the reward.  This was an exceptionally good one!

Just a little windy up there...

We sat up there, feet dangling off, just watching the cars go underneath us. 

With not much time to spare, it was a short stop.  Back in the van and off to Reno we went. 

We rushed through traffic and made quick stops at Jamba Juice and a mexican place next door for some food for my trip.  I got to the airport later than I wanted, but it was pretty quiet and Southwest didn't fight me on checking my 53 pound bag (it's only supposed to be 50).

Thankfully security let me through with my food and quickly (TSA Precheck is the way to go!).  Just in time to see that my flight was delayed from Vegas.  


I think I've been delayed more times than I've been on time out of Vegas.  It ended up being delayed even more, and I watched an entire movie while waiting. 

Oh, and I hit Jamba again for dinner.  Lunch and dinner in one day.  Not bad.  (Why don't we have this in KC!?)

I finally left Vegas -- couple of hours late, but oh well.  I don't have to work tomorrow. :)

Leaving Vegas (above) and landing in Kansas City (below).  Just a little  different view!

I know it's the week of Thanksgiving and all, but it's only Mondy!  Why is the airport a complete zoo already??  And it's like midnight!  Crazy...

It was a fun few weeks on the road, and an amazing wedding.  But I'm ready for some family time and quiet Kansas life for the next couple of weeks. 

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