Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Madness {Royals}

With the winning of the WORLD SERIES last night - in extra innings, this mornings workout class was cancelled.  I did my own little "deck of cards" workout downstairs with the RipDeck app, and then took the dogs for a wal / jog.  You can see about how that went:

Cricket going one way and Willow the other.  That's not so easy to jog with.  But it was still a beautiful fall morning to get outside for a little exercise.

Hadley had FaceTimed me yesterday evening and asked me if I would pick her up from school today.  Thinking Kelli had an appointment or something going on, of course I said yes.  I mean, how can you say no to an adorable 5 year old?

Well, turns out Hadley just wanted me to come get her and have a picnic.  It wasn't all that long ago that she wouldn't even leave the house with just me, so this is a huge step up!

I certainly didn't want to be late for this date, so I set off early, stopped at Wal-Mart on the way for a Lunchable for her picnic (her request), and got to school ooooohhhhh about 20 minutes early. {Side note:  I've never seen so many people in Royals gear in one spot.  I'm not sure I've seen one person today NOT in some form of Royals attire or at least the color blue.}

The staff made me wait at the miniature lunch table until school was out.

Of course I had on my Royals shirt, along with every other person in the KC metro area.  Hadley had hers on.  At lest 3/4 of the kids in her class had on Royals gear.  All the other parents coming to get their kids had on Royals stuff.  It's madness in this city today.

It was quite the debacle to actualy leave with Hadley.  I guess they weren't really sure who I was, so I got questioned a lot -- which is good!  They walked with me to her classroom and said they had to see "how she reacted" towards me.  Of course she smiled and waved when she saw me and told them my name.  But they still had us come back to the front office to quiz me more.  They asked me her little brothers name, her moms cell phone number (no idea!) and her other aunts last name -- which I couldn't think of.  And I didn't have my ID on me.  It was in the car, but they eventually let us go.  Jeez... wasn't expecting any of that.

We went straight to the park Hadley requested.  "You know, that one over by your old house you sold."  I think she calls it Spider Park, although I have no idea why. 

She ate her pizza lunchable - which looked  beyond disgusting to me - and then we played on the toys.

I had to get her back to her house a little earlier than planned because my mom and I had a meeting with the contents adjuster for the insurance company at 1.  More fire damage business.  This whole process is going to take months...

That afternoon, my bff from Charlotte, Kelsey, flew in to KC.  I hadn't seen her since her weddig last October, so this was a way overdue visit!  She was in town for the Royals game that was supposed to be Tuesday night, but the Royals ended the series early in NYC.  No love lost for Kelsey.  She got to see the parade instead!  She's about the biggest fan I know of all Kansas sports, so getting to see her so excited to be back for this was pretty awesome. 

   ^^ Kelsey is like my moms other daughter, so she was beyond thrilled to have her with us.

When we sat down to catch up for a little bit, the "Breaking News" on every tv channel was the Royals returning home.  I mean, do we really all need to see them walking off a plane and then follow the buses down the interstate with a helicopter?  Seemed a bit much to me but apparently all of KC was watching that and loving it. 

Kelsey's first request:  go get the official Royals t-shirt.  Of course.

Academy Sports had the official shirts and had been open all night long selling them hot off the press.  Literally.  I thought if we got there late afternoon, before everyone got off work, it would be fine.

HA - yeah, right.  It took forever just to get in the parking lot, and the line inside was nuts.  The only size they had left was a youth extra-large. Thankfully, that worked for Kelsey.  That t-shirt and a new hat, and she was set. 

   ^^  Look how packed the store was!  And a lot of disappointed customers without shirts.

We wanted to check one more spot, Kansas Sampler just across the street, to see what they had, too.

Kelsey didn't get anything else, but I got two new Kansas City t-shirts.  Not Royals (remember, I'm not that big of a fan), but still blue and still KC.  My mom even bought one of them since she is ordering Royals shirts for the boys. 

Kelsey and her new gear:

Now I thought just seeing everyone all over the city in Royals shirts was enough madness for a Monday.  But it got way better:

Not just Olathe Public Schools, but every school district in Kansas City cancelled schools for Tuesday for the parade.  That's crazy!  I'm sure there were a lot of not happy parents who now had to take a day off work to watch their kids.  Well, either that or they were happy they had to take off work and could go to the parade now! 

I heard schools as far away as Topeka were closing, too.  In fact, my friend in Topeka called and said her babysitter was cancelling for the day, so she was taking off work and coming to KC, too!  I think half the state of Kansas will be decending on Kansas City tomorrow for a celebration 30 years in the making!

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