Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

I really like the idea #optoutside instead of shopping.  But it was freezing and raining in KC on Black Friday.  So I did a little (or a lot) of #opttoshop instead.  :)

My Christmas tree and all my ornaments and decorations were lost in the fire, so of course I had to replace some of that!  I had quite the accumulation.

Stop #1:  Big Lots

It's close to my house and they had cheap trees and decorations.  {Going red and gold this year.}

Not pictured:  7 foot pre-lit pencil tree (We don't have much room at the little rental house.)

Stop #2:  Joanns

Right down the street from Big Lots and I wanted to check out their decorations.  Ended up with some Christmas gifts instead!  (Poor Scott.  He's a trooper for going along with all of this!)

Stop #3:  Michaels

I found a cheaper tree that I liked better, AND this tree!  How cute it this!

It was beginning to look like Christmas in my car!

Stop #4: Target

Again, for trees and Christmas decorations.  Ended up with the last copy of The Grinch for Hadley.  {It was a doorbuster sale - half off - and I had to argue with the manager to get it for the price.  Hey, if the sign is still up, I want it for the advertised price.}

Stop #5:  Chiropractor

Scott's back had had all the shopping it could take for one day.

Stop # 6:  Spin Pizza

Lunch.  And some pictures to prove how freezing cold and wet it was.  

Stop #7:  Wal-Mart

It's nice to have someone to shop with you -- and hold everything. ;)

Stop #8: Home Depot.  They didn't have anything I couldn't live without. ;)

Stop #9: DSW Shoes.  To return some shoes I bought earlier.

Stop #10:  Jason & Kelli's house.  Was supposed to be just to deliver the movie but we got sucked in to dinner, too.  Where I might have had more dessert than actual food.

It was then discovered that they didn't have a BluRay player, and I had bought a Blueray dvd.  Oops!

So while Scott and I went out to search for the movie as a regular DVD (seriously, we went to three places!), Jason just went out and bought a BlueRay player. 

OH - and new 50" tv.  No big deal.

Good thing Scott was there, because he set the whole thing up for them.

And it's a smart TV so they have access to so much more now.  Happy Netflix watching!

We were supposed to have a date night and go to dinner and a movie.  That clearly didn't happen.  It was an early bed time instead.  Which is almost as good in my book. ;)

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