Friday, November 13, 2015

Arizona to Nevada {Travel Day}

Not too exciting of a day today.  

Woke up at Wal-Mart, and after Scott made some eggs for breakfast, we hit the road for the long drive back to Tahoe.

I drove while Scott worked.  Pretty scenic drive for most of the morning.

We decided to stop and check out Hoover Dam, just before hitting Vegas.  I can't believe I've never stopped there before after being so close so many times.

Of course we got sent to another line to get the van searched before they would let us in.  Quick and easy, but still a little annoying.

I don't know, I guess I just wasn't that impressed with it all.  There were so many tourists there and I mean, it's just a dam!

I walked across the dam, took a few pictures, and was ready to roll.  

We drove in to Boulder City, and needed to stay there for a little bit so Scott could work and take some calls.

We ended up at a little Cafe and were there over an hour.  We felt bad for just sitting there so Scott ordered a waffle and I had some oatmeal, just to earn our keep.

He took his call from the van, and after strolling along the cute downtown area, I took a nap in the van. The call was supposed to take like 30 minutes.  Over two hours later...

...we finally got back on the road.

Vegas was just around the corner  Previously to this trip, I've only been to the airport and to the strip, so seeing Vegas from the other side was preetty cool.

We just drove the rest of the afternoon.  Nothing exciting, except for when we stopped for gas at this little spot on the side of the road.  Not a town or anything around, but there was a gas station -- and a brothel.  No joke!

We kept driving as the sun went down...

...and kept driving after the sun was down.

I eventually got too tired to hold my head up and went to sleep in the back.  Scott kept driving (with the help of a couple Jimmy Fallon episodes on his phone ^^ and pulled in to his house around 11:30. 

A lot of driving for one day, but worth it (well, worth it to me because I got to sleep) to get to sleep in a warm house again!

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