Saturday, December 19, 2015

Brooklyn BUST Holiday Craftacular: Day 1

It was way too short of a night when the 5:30am alarm went off on Saturday.  But we rallied.  Packed up (again), and made it out the door with all my luggage at 6am.

At least we found the way closer subway stop (2 blocks instead of a mile is way better).

And the best news of the morning:  Angie's car was exactly where we left it.  No ticket and no broken windows.  

Angie wanted to be AT the Brooklyn Expo Center right at 7am so she could get a free parking spot in the lot.  

Well, we got there at 7:02...and no one else was there.  The building was locked and so was the parking lot.  Neither of us were happy about that.  We could have still been sleeping!

Eventually, someone showed up and let us in.  There weren't tables or anything set up yet, so we found the general area for her table number and unloaded the car.

Angie has this down to an art  She got everything on one little cart (that she brought).  All I had to do was carry the Christmas tree!

Not quite the set-up we wanted to see.  A table would have been nice...

With nothing else to do, and four hours until show time, we decided to walk to The Bagel Store for some rainbow tie-dye bagel Angie saw.  She kept saying, "It's just like 5 more blocks."

We stumbled upon this little trailer selling Christmas trees.  So cute to see in the city!


I can't walk by one of these without sticking my head in. :)

Angie's "just like 5 more blocks" turned in to almost two miles... but we made it to The Bagel Store.  And they hadn't sold out of the rainbow bagel yet!

It was a long, cold walk, so we were pumped when we saw a subway stop directly across the street.  That would have been nice to know. ;)

I wasn't feeling like a bagel, so we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast #2.  Oatmeal and a muffin and a smoothie.

Then there was another bakery, Bakeri, that Angie wanted to stop at.  Breakfast #3.

We wanted to get a cute picture with that rainbow bagel, so we went down to the waterfront.

It was so cold and so windy.  I mean so cold I couldn't even think straight.  

And look how the photos turned out!  HA!






We race-walked the rest of the way back to the Brooklyn Expo Center, half frozen.

The place was slowly getting set up, and at least there was a table for Angie to get her stuff organized on.


Again, down to an art.  Took her no time to have her booth up and running!


It was still early, and we had way too much time to kill before the 11am we left again.

But not before suiting up in my new Pook gear.  I was freezing before and didn't want to walk around without some more layers.


THIS is the Pook hat!  Too funny, right?  And oh-so-warm...

Breakfast stop #4 was for $16 scrambled eggs at some fancy hotel.  I don't even remember the name, but Angie loved every bite of them, and that's all that matters. ;)

Back at the Expo Center, for the third time before 11am...  It was finally set up and people were lined up out the door waiting for it to open!

It was so fun and exciting to see the people come by and stop at Angie's booth.  The prints are witty and funny and everyone loved them!

I walked around some, bought a few things... and spotted the arm knitting table!  A woman from "Stich 'N Bitch" was teaching people how to arm knit a scarf -- for free!  Sign me up...


Now, I am about as UN-crafty as they come.  I've never knitted or sewn or anything even remotely related to something like that.  So I was pretty pumped when I just got this much done!


So when THIS started happening, I couldn't believe my own eyes.


I MADE A SCARF -- and it's actually pretty cute!


The craft fair went until 7pm.  That's a long day.  Angie was such a trooper and literally stood almost the entire day.  She hardly ate, didn't drink, and only went to the bathroom once!

Meanwhile, I hung around the booth some...and shopped some.

This peanut butter was SO good, and even though I don't wear jewelry, I couldn't pass up these rings:


At 7pm on the dot, we threw a sheet over the booth, and started walking to the subway.  Buuuuut it was just too cold and we were just too hungry.  So we stopped on a street corner, set our stuff down, and waited for an Uber.

A few minutes later, the driver showed up, we hopped in, and started driving to Queens to meet Zumei and some friends for dinner.   

About 15 minutes in to the drive, in awful traffic, Angie realized she left her bag on the street corner. No joke!  

So back we went...poking along, weaving in and out of traffic.  Then BACK to Queens.  

When it was all said and done, we had been in the Uber for an hour.  That was not a cheap ride.

We met Zumei (who was also a bridesmaid with me in Angies wedding last year),  her brother Kenny, and his girlfriend Ellen.  Two Chinese, two Koreans, and one white girl.

The Asian restaurant we went to didn't look like anything special, but the food sure was.  Kenny ordered for all of us, and so much food came there literally wasn't even room for our plates on the table!

At some point in the night, Zumei asked what the "candy canes" on the bak of my hat were.  So I turned it around and pulled my thigh highs up...and I though they were going to fall off their chairs from laughing so hard.  Ellen wants the hat.  I may have to go back to the other craft fair tomorrow to get another one...

Angie and I ubered it from Queens back to her friends apartment in Brooklyn, much later than we wanted.  We were so tired an it was going to be another early rise and full day tomorrow for day 2 at the fair.  But we absolutely could NOT sleep in that apartment with no heat.  They had unplugged all the heaters in the house and it was about 40 degrees in there, I swear.  We plugged them all back in and I just sat ON the heater until I warmed up enough to get in bed and crash...

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