Sunday, December 13, 2015

December in Kansas {Week 2}

{WARNING: most boring post ever about me doing nothing in KC all week}

Monday, December 7:

My mom and I are still working through the fire book of our "destroyed" contents.  And I use quotes around destroyed because look below...  Do those picture look "destroyed?"  They threw out ALL of our pictures from our childhood.  To say my mom is not happy is an understatement.


Apart from running some errands around town, I didn't do anything else Monday.

The sunrises an sunsets this week have been ridiculous.  I had to run out and snap this one from the front porch:

Today was Kelli's 30th birthday!  My mom made them dinner and a lemon meringue pie for of course I got in on the action, too.

I really liked Kelli's blue sweatshirt she had on (^^), so I ran to Target after I left their house to see if they had it.  They didn't have the size or color I wanted, but that didn't stop me from spending $100 on crap I did't need.  Seriously, how does that always happen!?  I can't get out of that store for under $100!

Tuesday, December 8:

The day started off with a bang with this light show.  (Well, after a 5am workout.)

I finally sat down this morning and took the time to get my health insurance straightened out for next year.  I've been insurance-less since October 1!  But as of January 1, I will be covered.  I found a really good health plan AND a dental plan for under $100 through the Affordable Care Act!

This was how I found my mom this afternoon on the couch.  Apparently she needs more sleep at night! ;)

With all the good sunsets this week, I decided to try and find a good spot for some pictures.  Unfortunately, The Ellen Show got me wrapped up and I left the house later than I wanted.  I missed the amazing colors by about 5 minutes, but I still got a few decent pictures. 

I've been working on figuring out the GoPro, and  used it to capture this one:

Kelli invited me down again for dinner (I swear, she feeds me half the week!) and got to see a little bit of the crazy bath time these two were having!

Wednesday, December 9:

Today was Jason's 38th birthday!  (Yeah, Kelli and Jason are 8 years apart.  #cradlerobber)  My mom has this thing of calling and singing to us every year.  So this year, when she got Jason on FaceTime to sing, it didn't matter to her that I was in the shower.  She came bursting through the shower curtain holding the phone and singing.  And I had to sing along.  Naked.  (Awkward.)

I did a little Uber driving today.  I haven't been doing much, but it's been so fun, and such an easy way to support my Panera addiction.

In between trips, I did more of the fire book, and updated this 'ole blog a little.  It's been getting the short end of the stick since I'm not really doing anything.  (A fun trip to the east coast is coming up next week!)

Since I missed the amazing sunset last night (just barely), I decided to set off super early this evening to make sure I got to the lookout tower at Shawnee Mission Park with plenty of time to spare.

And wouldn't you know it, the sunset never really did anything.  I mean it was still okay, but certainly nothing like last nights show.

Back to Jason and Kelli's for another birthday dinner that night.  (Yep, three nights in a row!)

Dessert was a frozen yogurt bar! #holidaydiet



I really really wanted to get a cute picture of the kids under the tree.  

I never got both of them to cooperate at the same time, but I got a pretty cute one of the always on the move Hudson. 


(Jason got new shoes for his birthday, and Hudson had to try them out ^ )

Last year on Jason's birthday (or maybe it was two years ago?), I got a cute picture of him by the tree with the kids.  You have no idea how much screaming and bribing it took to just get this mediocre one this year.

Thursday, December 10:

The sunrises have been so good this week (I know, it's like the 7th time I've mentioned that).  Every morning after I work out I think I'm going to go find somewhere good to watch it.  But without fail, I come in, get warm and comfortable, eat, shower...and miss the sunrise.

We put up my old bird feeder in front of our little rental house to hopefully entice the beautiful red cardinals to come by.  Instead, we got two fat squirrels.  

I went back to Shawnee Mission Park to try a new perspective on the sunrise -- over the lake this time rather than up in the lookout tower.  And I finally tried out the time-lapse feature on the iPhone!  

When I got home, I walked the dogs with my mom.  I am absolutely NOT a fan of how early it gets dark this time of year, but it is fun to see some of the cool lights around our neighborhood!

This tree is way cooler in real life.  (Sorry for the awful iPhone photography!)

Friday, December 11:

Well, I missed the sunrise again, but it still looked pretty amazing from the front porch!

The entire morning was spent on the couch with my mom ... still going through that d@$N fire book. The end is in sight though!

I did a little more uber driving that afternoon, and made enough money to get Panera for lunch and dinner.  #goals

My mom brought Hadley over that afternoon, and all she wanted to do was walk to the dogs.  In fact, she said she wanted to be a dog walker when she grew up.  

I'm not so sure how well that's going to go over considering she dropped the leash every time they pulled, but whatever.  She's young.  Plenty of time to work on that. ;)


In all honesty, she really did pretty good.  I mean, my two dogs weigh 100 pounds each, and Deuce probably weighs 70!  Just slightly  more than Hadley does. ;)

We picked up Hudson that night so Jason and Kelli could have a little night out, and we took the kids around town to look at Christmas lights.  Christmas music blaring and all.  I've never seen a happier two year old.  He kept screaming, "Oooooohhhh!!   LOOK at THAT!  It so bootiful!"  Ha - that kid cracks me up.  

I have a fun little weekend adventure tomorrow and Sunday ... then back to good 'ole KC for a few more days next week before jetting off to the East Coast!

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