Thursday, December 17, 2015

December in Kansas {Week 3}

It was a short (and very non-eventful) week in Kansas.

I drove back from Des Moines on Monday and didn't do much else.

On Tuesday, I picked up Hadley and Hunter and took them to Monkey Bizness to wear off some of their everlasting energy.

They played the worst game of air hockey I've ever seen.  Hunter kept pushing the puck in his own side.  Apparently he though that's how you scored.  The puck got stuck in the middle too many times to count, and they each smashed their fingers no less than 4 times.

After some play time on the jungle gym and blow ups (which felt like an eternity but really wasn't even an hour), I bribed them with cupcakes to take pictures with me.  The booth was $3 and it printed off these awful black and white pictures on plain old paper.  #ripoff

But none the less, I promised cupcakes, and I delivered.  

I started them off with the kid size ones, but that lasted all of two bites.  So I upgraded them to a full size.  Double the sugar, then drop them off with their parents. That's how Aunts role. ;)


I might be bias, but I think I have a pretty adorable niece and nephew. 

That night, Hunter had his preschool Christmas program.  And oh-my-lanta was it entertaining!

First of all, we had him practice his songs on the drive to the church, and all he would scream was "Watch me whip, whip, watch me nay-nay" at the top of his lungs. I was secretly praying for him to just belt that out up on stage...

Anyways, as soon as he walked out there, he spotted us, and he got SO shy he just covered up his face and turned around!

I don't remember which songs they sang first, but he livened up and sang along.

Then the older kids sat down and it was just his class.  There was exactly one little girl who sang all the words.  Every body else kind of stood there and moved their mouths a little.

This one was Silent Night, and they all held little candles.

Hunter HATED his red nose for Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and kept messing with it throughout the song.

Mele Kelikamaka was Hunter's favorite song and he actually sang most of it.

After they sang Santa Clause is Coming to Town -- SANTA APPEARED.  I've never seen a more captive audience.  Every single 4 year old stopped what they were doing and just stared with amazement.  It was the cutest thing ever!

Here is Hunter not singing -- or even paying attention..

...until Santa showed.

My favorite picture from the whole night.


Santa talked to them for awhile and they all wanted to know if they could follow him outside to see his reindeer!

Family pic (minus Allie) after the show:

On Wednesday, I did nothing but laundry, shop, and pack for my trip to the east coast.  And miraculously, made it through a whole day without taking one picture on my iPhone.  You're welcome. ;)

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