Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas morning!

My mom always has a few small presents for me to open on Christmas morning, and this year was no different.  

She's sneaky.  She asked me earlier in the week how much money I spent on myself on NYC last weekend:  I bought three rings, a fleece onesie (which I now wear allllll the time), and a few other small things, all for around $100.  

So I got a $100 wrapped up in drawings of what I bought.  HA!  I look like a mad monkey in that picture she drew of me in the onesie.  And it was even more comical because I was, of course, in the onesie that morning.

I slept in some (slept in for ME anyways), so we had to quickly get ready and head over to Jason and Kelli's house for breakfast with them.  (And by "get ready" I mean brush my teeth.  Because I definitely didn't put clothes on or touch my hair...)

My mom wore her new arm-knitted scarf that I made for her in NYC last weekend. 

Pajama picture with Hadley & Hudson! 

After a little dance party to Hadley's new  Descendents CD, we had a huge breakfast.  

I actually still wasn't feeling well, so I had a smoothie and that was about it, but I still sat at the table next to that cutie and helped him chow down on cinnamon rolls and sausage.

Hidey-the-cat got to come inside for a little bit to play with her new toys.  Hudson (and Hadley) just loooooves that cat so much.  And he's the best cat ever and let's those kids pull him every which way.


We didn't stay over at their house too long.  We played with some of their new toys, cleaned up, came back home, quickly made some more food, and then drove over to Tony and Christa's house for lunch. 

I got the girls (Kelli, Christa, my mom, and myself) a string art kit for Christmas.  The idea was that we would all do them together...but that wasn't going to happen.  Christa made hers right away (Miss Arts & Crafts!), so after lunch, I had her do mine for me, and I did my moms for her.  It's still up in the air as to if Kelli will ever do hers or not. ;)


While Christa was working my map...I had plenty of help from Hunter on the house I was trying to make for my mom.


As soon as I would get a little bit of progress, Hunter would get the strings all tangled up and we would have to start over.  It was slow going, but he eventually got tired of it and moved on to playing legos so I could actually finish it.

It's just a little obvious which two Christa did and which one I did. Hahaha!

Good thing about moms is they don't care how bad the art work is, they always love it. 

Hunter painted my mom a picture for Christmas, so that along with my string art went up on the walls when we got home that afternoon.


After walking the dogs, my mom and I decided to head to the movies for a Christmas night date.  

Apparently, the rest of Kansas City also decided to go to the movies that night, too.  We had to park half a mile away!

We saw Joy, which was just okay...and I definitely wore the onesie and house slippers to the movie.


It was a pretty uneventful Christmas, but a good one none-the-less.  Lots of family time, and being together is what makes Christmas so great!  

(And being able to wear a onesie all day.  That also makes Christmas great.)

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