Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas #3

The third and final Christmas celebration this year was on the Sunday after Christmas, when we got to give Allie and Brody their gifts.

I got Allie a gift card to ITunes and Brody a new Lego that he had been wanting.

They both loved them, so that was a success!

I used to always DO something with them, rather than get them something, but I have big plans to travel for most of 2016, so they got an actual gift this year.

I didn't take many pictures while we were there, but I really wanted to get one good one with the kids.

 Which was basically impossible...


Got one decent one...and look at the comparison from this year to last year!

Brody is wearing the SAME shirt!  
Also, I think Allie wins the award for growing up the most in one year.


When we got home, I finally finished up the arm-knitted scarf I was working on.  I'm afraid if I don't keep doing it I will forget how to!

It turned out okay...but maybe I need to forget how to do it?  Not sure I love them...

But if anyone wants a scarf, I can whip one up in about 45 minutes now! 

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