Sunday, December 6, 2015

December in Kansas {Week 1}

Monday, November 30:

As soon as we got back in town on Monday afternoon from the weekend in Illinois, we went straight over to Tony and Christa's house so Scott could get his hair cut. 

I had planned on playing with Hunter, but he had other plans.  Asleep with his hands down his pants!  HA!

I even tried to wake up him and all I got was for him to roll over!  Poor kid must have been tired!

That night, I got a card from Scott...full of a whole lotta $20 bills.  Payment for my photo work at the races in September and October!  (And payment for the flight to Belize in August.) 

 I certainly wasn't expect to get paid for any of that, so it was a fun -- and a little funny - surprise.  Every time he tells me he sold another picture, I tell him I want at least half of that if it's one I took.  But I'm always joking!  Apparently he got tired of me talking about it and just paid up. 

Tuesday, December 1:

After my early morning workout, it was on to the book of contents that were damaged by the fire.  All 1,200 pages of it.  Ugh.  So overwhelming.

And we didn't work on it too long because Kelli and the kids agreed to go to Home Depot to show me all the stuff they had picked out with my mom for the new house!

Granite countertops and a bronze kitchen sink:


Oil rubbed bronze faucets and doorknobs:


I'm so excited for the new house!  It's going to be so beautiful!

That afternoon we picked up Hadley and went out to Allie's basketball game.  

It had been grey and rainy for almost a week, so a little blue sky at this point was definitely picture worthy.

Hadley was all excited for the game, and watched for all of about 5 minutes.

Then it was iPhone time.  (I don't know what parents did before technology!)

She was so excited to show us the new lights they have on their house when we dropped her off.  Pretty cool!

And Hudson was pretty excited to show us his drumming -- in a wedding dress.  HA!

Wednesday, December 2:

Today we met the builder over at the house --the very empty house -- to go over what we picked out at Home Depot.

Paint colors and carpet -- and he gave us some blue prints for the kitchen cabinets.  Making progress!


And that afternoon -- while we should have been working on the fire book -- I opted for a nap instead.  Aaahhh afternoon naps with electric blankets are the best. 

I did manage to get up and be semi-productive by wrapping Christmas presents!

Isn't our skinny little tree cute!?

There have been some really nice sunrises and sunsets since I've been home, and I've enjoyed every single one of them. 

Scott and I ran a couple of errands (Target and Costco) and grabbed some Thai food from Sweet Siam on the way to the mall.

I was trying to find Hunter a new pair of shoes, and the two I bought him didn't fit.  He was at the Barnes & Noble store at the mall, and had zero interest in trying on shoes.  Thankfully Gram was there to bribe him with a new book.  Worked like a charm. (Too bad the shoes didn't.)

We went to Best Buy across the street once they left and I bought a new Canon 70D DSLR camera, with a nice lens.  I recently sold my Nikon camera and wanted to upgrade.  It was on sale, so why not.  (Plus, a camera was damaged out in the fire, so insurance is paying for this one!)

Thursday, December 3:

I don't remember why I took this picture.  I think because the sky was really pretty and there were cute snowflake lights still on on my way home from the gym.  It didn't turn out so well in the picture. It was way nicer in real life. ;)

Back to the fire book this morning.  We're making good progress.  There is just so much to go through!

Also so much to go through:  my boxes of Amazon orders.  

There were a lot of good deals lately.  What can I say.

I did some shopping with my mom and we had a lunch date at Panera.  My favorite!  I could eat that Autumn Squash soup every day.  For real.

My mom wanted to run some things by me that she ha bought for Kelli's birthday next week.  I literally laughed out loud at this one.  My sweet mom, she really thought Kelli would like this.  And the matching pants, too!  It was so funny I had to take a picture and send it to Kelli, who also got a good laugh out of it.  Yeah, that one went back to the store.  

It's been unseasonably warm this week, so I joined my mom on an afternoon walk with the dogs. 

I spotted this puddle of water in the street on the way, and I couldn't pass up the reflection without pausing for a picture.  

I ran to Wal-Mart with my mom to grab some things for dinner...and she also happened to grab THREE big bags of candy.  She has a slight sweet tooth problem.

Another beautiful sunset on the way home.  I just love it when the sky fades from yellow to blue.  I can't help it!

finally opened up my Macbook Air tonight.  I've been too busy to even take it out of the box, but since I went through my recent purchases today, I really wanted to see what my new purple cover looked like on it!


I like it.  It's a keeper. 

Friday, December 4:

The early morning workouts aren't getting any easier.  For some reason, it's so much harder to get up and out when it's freezing cold out.  Been struggling this week, but still going.

I literally spent almost the entire day today working on my pictures.  I usually stay very organized and up to date with them, but since I quit my job and haven't had a computer, they've all been on my phone.  I got them all uploaded to my photo site, and organized on my blog -- and OFF my phone today. Felt so good to have them gone.  I don't like having that much stuff on there.

Oh, and the Macbook is growing on me.  Starting to really like it!

That afternoon, my mom and I took Hadley and Hudson out to Schools to ride the ferris wheel, and really just to get them out of the house.  

(Hadley wanted to bring her cat, Hidey)
I've never been to Scheels and was quite impressed with it!


I mean it's big and nice and they have a ferris wheel inside.  What else do you want!? ;)

I saw this sign and really wanted it to resonate with me.  That's what I want, really.  

But then I went and bought $900 worth of ski outfits.  In my defense, mine were damaged out in the fire, so I don't get reimbursed for them until I re-buy them!  So I had to!

The sunset -- again.  Just so pretty from Scheels parking lot!

We really needed to get the kids home after that, but Hadley really wanted to go to Petland and hold a puppy (or five).  Neither my mom nor I can tell her no, so yeah, we went to Petland. And held a puppy.

They got a quick stop at Taco Bell for dinner and they got home way later than planned, but they had fun.  That's what matters, right?

Saturday, December 5:

The sunrise this morning was just incredible.  Not even edited or anything.  It just looked like cotton candy in the sky on my way to workout.

After my first workout of the day, I went to my second workout of the day.  Playing basketball for two hours with my Cristo Rey high school girls.

I forget every year how much I love playing basketball.  It's so much fun!

That afternoon, Scott and I went to Antioch park to try out my new camera.  I need a lesson (or fifty) to figure out how to work that thing and take good pictures like him!

I think he had more fun taking pictures than I did. ;)

But he did give me some very good lessons about aperture and ISO and shutter speed.  Helpful, but yeah, I still need like 49 more lessons. 

My best picture of the day:

For some odd reason, I was really craving something sweet after that, so we went to Panera for some dessert.  I'm blaming it on all the sugar coated pumpkin pie I've been eating the last week.  

The good news is I was not impressed with either thing we got at Panera.  So I won't be doing that again. 

Have I mentioned how awesome the sunsets have been back home?  I mean look at this.  I took it from my front porch!

Tonight was Kelli's 30th birthday celebration with the girls from Sweat (where we work out).  I rarely (i.e. never) go out, so this was a big night for me. ;)

We had dinner at Blue Moose in Prairie Village and then went to Sully's in Mission.  It's just a little hole-in-the-wall place, but they had shuffle board and ski ball and darts, so that kept us competitive girls entertained all night.  

Kelli, her sister Sara, Kensie, me, Anna, Maggie (Sweat instructor), and Jessica
Anna was noticeably pretty bad at darts, so when she hit a bullseye, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.  She was so funny!

I stayed out until 1 that night, which is big news for me.  But even bigger news is that I signed up to be an Uber driver that night!  Fun adventures await next week! ;)

Oh, and while I was out with the girls, Scott got mad and stormed out of the  house to drive back to Illinois -- at like midnight.  I convinced him to come back (from the bar).  And then I slept on the couch, in my own house, and kicked him out the next morning.  We clearly are dysfunctional. ;)

Sunday, December 6:

After the late night, Kelli woke up hungry and craving some Mexican.  (Okay, I might have been in the same boat.)  So she came over with the kids and we went to Dos Reales when the opened at 11am...and gorged ourselves on two bowls of cheese dip.  

Hudson enjoyed his burrito, too. :)

We tried to act like we weren't tired and took the kids to the park, but that didn't last long.  It was colder than it looked and we were both seriously tired.  So back to the house we went.

Hadley is obsessed with this new group, The Decendents, and their new song, "Bad is the new Good" or something like that.  So after listening to it on repeat, she wanted me to have a dance party with her.  

Can't tell her no...


I took a nap once they left, and then felt so crappy about my day that I got up and went for a jog.  Only made it a few miles, but it felt good to get outside and moving for a little bit. 

So I continued the outside and moving theme and walked the dogs with my mom.  I had to make up for my lazy morning of sleeping and eating. 

I took a shower and washed my hair, and while I was drying it, my mom waved me in to the bathroom with her curling iron.  It's been a long time since she straightened / curled my hair, and I think she enjoyed it.  It doesn't look great but it's a change from the crazy curls.

On our way to 5pm church
My final bit of productiveness for the day was to organize the pantry.  It's been bugging me since I got home, and while it doesn't look great, I think it's better than it was!

Before                  and                    After

It was a good week at home.  And now I'm ready for something new next week:  Uber driving!

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