Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve 2015

Near Year's Eve was so low-key this year that these are the only two pictures I have:


I mean, they are pretty much the cutest pictures ever, so I'm okay with that.

{And just for fun, HERE is last years very similar picture.}

Oh wait, I take that back.  My mom and Kelli and I spent the morning at Nebraska Furniture Mart, picking out furniture and lights and mattress' for the new house.  So I have these pictures, too:

Apparently I have quite good taste in mattresses.  Without looking at brand or price, I managed to pick out the most expensive mattress there.  My queen size Simmons Beauty Rest was more expensive than the King size mattress my mom picked out!

Anyways, Scott drove in that night from Illinois, we went to a very mediocre dinner at Farmhouse, and I was in bed by 9.  Just not a fan of the big NYE parties.

Looking back, I totally should have Ubered that night!  There was 7x surge pricing in KC because the demand was so high!  Buuuuut I like my sleep way too much to do that nonsense.  

Also, not interested in cleaning puke out of my car.   

So, yeah, I guess I chose right after all.

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