Monday, January 18, 2016

Bonaire --> Trinidad

Monday, Day 10 (I have to start writing this. I'm losing all track of date and time down here!)

Travel day!

There's going to be lots of those...

Slept in and got up around 8:30.  I decided to finally be active for once.  About the time I started to go for a run (5 minutes down the dirt road), was about the time it decided to start pouring.

Awesome. I was soaked and so was my phone. And not from sweat.

I worked out a little more back at the hostel, but not much. Had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, sat around and talked with a couple other guests at the hostel, and arranged for a ride to the airport with one of them that had rented a truck.

I eventually showered, and I am so shocked to be saying this, but I think I'm almost used to cold showers now. Only took 5 days. Anyways, I cleaned up, packed up, and was out the door by noon -- for a 3pm flight.  Not ideal, but hey, you take whatever free ride you can get to save $20, right!?

It turned out to be just fine because the airport was open-air and had wifi.  So it was like I was just sitting at a beach...with a little less of the nice view. ;)

Did some more research and booked the next two locations:  Tobago on Thursday late morning, and Grenada on early Sunday morning!  It really does take some time to figure out locations and lodging and flights, I used every bit of the three hours sitting at the airpot.

PS - booked a flight for $24!!  Seriously!

Went through security and immigration around 1:45, and didn't have to take my shoes off, but had to go back through again to take my laptop out. Not used to travel in with my new Mac! 

Still had about an hour to spare inside the airport, but wifi worked there too!

We (and by we I mean all like 15 of us) walked out of the airport and to the airplane around 2:45.  

Took off on time at 3 and landed in Curaçao 15 minutes later. It's always just about their menu fall asleep that we hit ground again. 

I was so.not.amused. by the security checkpoint again and the fact that no one was working at it again. It's just a transfer!! I never left the airport/airplane!

(Don't mind my awesomely huge hair ;) ) ^^

After that ordeal, I was hungry, and with a longer flight ahead and then a drive to the apartment in Port of Spain, we decided to grab a quick sandwich at the airport. Curaçao airport is super small so options were limited. And expensive. 

$9.50 for a tuna sandwich?! Ugh. At least it was pretty good. 

Still had about an hour to kill before boarding the flight. But by 4:45 when no one was at the gate, I knew we wouldn't be on time. 

We ended boarding around 5:15, and took off around 5:45.  The boarding process always seems to go so much faster in other countries.  Maybe because the flights aren't always full and maybe because there is actually room on the airplanes!  I mean they don't cram like every square inch of the plane with seats.

Anyways, it was an easy hour and a half flight in to Tobago.  Landed right at 7pm -- 30 minutes late.  

Getting through immigration was much more of a hassle than it should have been.  I had the long form filled out correctly, but she wanted to see proof of my lodging first, and then proof of my next two flights...and questioned me.  Come on, lady.  Do I look suspicious at all!?  

Bags were already waiting on the belt by the time we got to them, and then walked right through Customs and out to get the rental car.  Should be easy enough, but Hertz was the ONE rental car agency that was NOT on-site at the airport, despite what the website said.  Tried to call ... and call and call and call, and finally got through only to find out they over booked and didn't even have a car. So frustrating, as it was already getting late and we were tired and hungry.  

They sent us to Budget where we got taken care of, and hit the road for the 45 minute drive to Westmoorings South, where the airbnb rental was.  

Driving and traffic was not easy, especially since the steering wheel is on the right side of the car and you drive on the left side of the road.  SO hard to get used to.  And on top of that, I think the drivers in Trini are just abnormally bad in general.  So, yeah, took several wrong turns and took much longer to find the place than it should have.  But Leda (from Costa Rica) and Zach (from Colorado) were there waiting on us!


Super nice place, open air, decorated all cute.  And to top it off, four of the cutest dogs ever running around!  I love dogs so this was a major plus for me. 

It was late and getting there was more of an ordeal, so just called it a night shortly after arriving.  I'll post pictures of the place (and the dogs!) tomorrow.

Trinidad adventures tomorrow!

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