Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trinidad: Maracas Waterfall

Wednesday, Day 12

Slept a little better last night with the windows shut, but man, that street is just loud.

Got up a little after 8am and made some oatmeal for breakfast.

Mapped out some potential plans for the day, and decided on Maracas Waterfall:  the tallest waterfall in Trinidad.  It sounded way easier to find, so that was promising.  And sure enough, there were plenty of signs leading the way once you got off the highway.

Almost as soon as the trail started, there was the most giant chunk of bamboo I"ve ever seen.  I know you can't really tell without a person or something else in the picture to reference, but seriously, it was like the size of 5 giant trees.  Crazy!

It was super hot and humid again (I looked it up, 89% humidity!), but the trail was much easier than the one yesterday, and much more well marked.

It actually was a pretty short hike - maybe 30 minutes - until we saw Maracas Waterfall.  And I literally laughed when I saw it.  Not much more than a trickle.  It's "dry season" here, so I guess I shouldn't have expected much, but some of the pictures were just amazing!  

It honestly was still beautiful, even though it wasn't flowing much.  And it was SO high!  300 feet up!

The trail split off further down, and lead to a separate spot with three mini falls, and two big pools of water for swimming. I wasn't excited about them after just reading online, but in person, they were even better than the big Maracas Waterfall!

Definitely spent much more time here than at the bigger one. 

And once again, not a soul around!  (I guess it is Wednesday morning...)

Still working on figuring out the GoPro:



Timed the hike just right, because as soon as we got back in the car, it started raining.  (So much for that "dry season.")

It was late in the afternoon by this point, and I was on the verge of having a melt down from being so hungry.  Oatmeal in the morning and then nothing until almost 3 is not okay in my world.  So we got off the highway when we saw a supermarket...and this:

Seriously.  What IS that thing!?  And how in the world do you k now what to do?  Which light do you look at!?  No idea.  We just went.

And per the norm, the bag of chips got opened immediately.

After relaxing at the apartment for a bit, and letting the hunger pains subside (slightly dramatic), we decided to drive to the western tip of Trinidad just to see what was out there, and maybe catch a good sunset.

Well, there were only lots of boats out there - from all over the world, presumable here for Carnival - and sunset wasn't anything.

I decided to try and get a little exercise in since it was such a nice, cool night...for once.  The neighborhood was super safe and the streets were just lined with people walking and jogging, so I joined in.  

Made it a whole mile (HA!) before stopping and doing some exercises in the park across from the apartment.

(That's as good of a picture as I can take while running!) 

Zach and Leda were kind enough to let us throw in a load of laundry that night. Since the last load in Bonaire had no soap in it, some stuff really needed to be washed.  And we hung it to dry in the garage.  Hope it's dry tomorrow!

I showered and made some quonia and veggies for dinner - which didn't look very pretty but tasted just fine!


Did some final research and arranging for Tobago tomorrow before going to bed.  Tomorrow is another travel day!  (If a 20 minute flight counts...)

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