Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bonaire: Scootering and Snorkeling

Day 6

I woke up this morning to the sound of chickens outside and sun coming through the window.  So much better than an alarm.  Oh, and it was like 8am.  Talk about sleeping in!  That is late for me!  And I was still slow to get moving.

I didn't sleep too great last night.  I'm not used to so much light and noise, but at least each bed has a fan at the end, partly to keep the bugs way and partly to drown out some noise I assume.  I mean, I'm the only girl in a shared dorm room with 5 other dudes.  All the other girls staying here have smaller shared rooms, but they're full.  So "mixed" dorm it is.  The kid sleeping right next to me (like, the beds only have a small folding chair between them) is a 17 year old from Israel.  I would say I'm getting too old for this type of accomodation, but two beds down from him is a dude who is at least in his 50's.  There's always that one creepy old guy at the hostel, haha!

Oh, and when I walked out of the room to the outside area between the dorms and the kitchen/terrace, there were like 40 army guys sitting there.  I guess they were doing some sort of training out behind the hostel (it's in the middle of nowhere).  So that was an awesome "good morning."  40 dudes staring at you.  Wish I had a picture of that...

But I did go out later to see what they were doing...once they left. Here is the set up back behind the hostel:

Anyways, the rental car had to be returned by 10am, so after breakfast, that was the first task.  The car was $45/day.  Found out a scooter is $65 for THREE days.  Way more fun, easier to park, and cheaper!? Yes, please!

I was getting the hang of the whole stick shift thing again, just in time to be done with it.  Returned it at 10:01am and not an (additional) scratch on it.  Thank goodness, because I declined insurance.

There weren't any cruise ships at port today, which means way less tourists.  Perfect time to check out the cute little downtown shopping area.  I mean, I still have to get my Bonaire Christmas tree ornament!


This flamingo keychain will work for now.  I'll turn it in to an ornament later...

Hit a few dive shops to look for shorter fins for me, and finally found some for $45 that will fit in my luggage way better.  The ones I have now were cheapies from Amazon and they're HUGE.

On the way back to the hostel for lunch, my hat flew off my head (on the scooter), and I just about got hit by a dump truck flying down the road who just wouldn't slow down for me to get the hat and get out of the way.  Jerk.

Anyways, after lunch of pb&j and an apple (army guys were still there!), we decided to hit a few good snorkel spots.


But first we had to go all the way back in town to buy the pass that allows you in the water.  All of the coral around Bonaire is protected and you have to pay $25 to get in it.  Worth it.  It's for a good cause and the coral is so pristine around here.  I don't feel bad to pay $25 to see something like this place being preserved!

First stop:  Lac Bay

The water wasn't super clear, but it was calm (in a bay) and warm(csh).  I really didn't see much of anything, so it was a short snorkel.


Second stop:  Pink Beach

The water was colder and rougher (out in the ocean), but man, I have never seen more clear water.  It literally was like bath water.  Saw some cool fish, but got cold and didn't get out far enough to see much more.

Third stop: Salt Pier

Lots of scuba divers there and cool fish around the pier.

Fourth stop:  beach near the airport (I don't know the name of it)

It was getting cloudy and let me tell you, if the sun is not shining, I am not getting in the water.  It's too cold for me!

That was enough snorkeling for me by that point in the day regardless of weather.  We hit the grocery store (again) for a few things just as it started sprinkling...and apparently timed it just right, because when we came out, it had just finished pouring.  Everything was wet!

Finally found some bananas on this island! ^^

So now we have to make it back down dirt roads in the rain, me trying to balance two bags off groceries and all the snorkel crap... donkeys on the side of the road just ready to dart at any second.  Sure enough, one bump and the lettuce went flying.  Dodging donkeys on the side of the road to turn around and get it before the next car hits it.  Ugh. Quite the experience.

Back at the hostel, I had to shower and wash my crazy hair.  Taking a cold shower is bad enough by itself, but when you also have to wash your hair?  The worst.  Especially when it hasn't been washed in 5 days and is basically in dreads. Spent about 15 minutes just trying to get my fingers half way through it and gave up.  I dried off, put clothes on, and finished with my  hair in the sink, where at least the water wasn't ice cold. Just regular cold.

The silver lining in the evening was the best salad I've had in weeks, courtesy of Scott.

Spent some time on the internet that evening trying to plan out future destinations (and looking at the GoPro pictures from the day!) before calling it a night.  Hopefully sleep comes a little easier tonight!

Oh, and We Share Bonaire re-posted my Instagram picture from last night's sunset!  I knew it was a good one! ;)

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