Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grenada: Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfall

Tuesday, Day 18

This morning was the laziest of mornings I've had in awhile.  Didn't do much, and didn't feel all that well.  This sickness thing I've got going on in weird.  It comes and goes.  And today it was coming and not going.  So I hung around the apartment with the windows and doors open, pretending to be outside.  Got some future travel lined up, arranged details with my couch surfer hosts, Allie and Kate, for St. Vincent later this week... and the big news of the morning:  a blender was discovered!  I finally got my green smoothie!


The blender kind of sucked so the spinach was a little chunky, but I'll take it. I loved every second of it.  Now here's hoping this spinach doesn't make my intestines any more mad at me than they already are! ;)

Finally left the apartment around 2pm.  Seriously.  So late!  Oh and I've worn the same thing almost every day on this trip:  swimsuit (of some variety), K-State tank top, black board shorts.

Anyways, on the agenda today was Royal Mt. Carmel Waterfall, the highest waterfall on the island of Grenada...and also on the opposite side of the island.  I wasn't pumped about that long on the scooter, but it was better than figuring out a local bus or taking an expensive taxi.

But first, we had to find Latta's orange bus on Wall Street in Grand Anse.  I read about it on Goats on the Road website, and they said she makes the absolute best Doubles on the island.  I didn't even know what a "double" was, but I found out!  (Kind of like a Rotti with some sort of lentils or beans and spices in it.)

Latta was so sweet and she knew we found her from Goats on the Road.  We sat there and talked to her for waaaaaay too long before getting back on for the long scooter ride to the northeast.

Took about 45 minutes to get there, and really wasn't all that bad.  I mean it was windy and hilly and the roads weren't in the best condition, but really nothing compared to Tobago!

Of course there was a guy waiting at the entrance, just ready to lead the way and talk the whole time before I could get in a "how much are you going to charge me at the end" - but whatever.  It turned out well to have a guide yesterday, so why not today.

The hike was super short and super easy (you definitely don't need a guide), and we didn't have to pay anything to park or get in, despite what I read online saying you did.

The waterfall was fantastic.  So high!  Definitely no jumping off that one!  I crawled out to it and even from where I was standing - not directly under it - I was getting soaked!  And the water was COLD!

The guide (I can't remember his name!) lead the way back down the path to another smaller waterfall with a great pool for swimming, but by that point, I was just warming up from the first time getting wet, and wasn't interested in getting in (and getting cold) all over again.

So back to the scooter, and back on the long road to St. Georges.

Decided to try and catch sunset from another new beach.  After a few wrong turns, ended up at La Luna Resort.  I don't remember the name of the beach, but it wasn't Morn Rouge (which looked amazing).  It was one more bay over, and all private.

Sat there awhile and watched the little crabs come in and out of the sand, but again, the sunset did nothing fantastic.

One more grocery stop at the fancy IGA before heading back to the apartment, having dinner, and calling it night.  (Oh, after another cold shower because Maudlin didn't get the water heater fixed today.)

(This is the amazing view of St. Georges on the scooter ride up to the apartment.  It's just a little tricky to catch on moving vehicle...)

Tomorrow's plan:  2 hour ferry to Cariacou and then flying back that evening...just to catch a flight BACK north to St. Vincent.  Terrible, horrible planning on my part...but here's hoping it all works out -- and I don't puke my brains out on that ferry. ;)

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