Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bonaire: Atlantic Beach and Lac Bay

Sunday, Day 9

I had to go in to town this morning to pay for yesterdays dives on my credit card, so that was the first task of the day.  I wasn't sure if I was going to want to dive any more, so I didn't pay yesterday.  (News flash: my ears still hurt and I don't want to dive today.)

But we forgot the dive computer (rented equipment) so we had to come back out (8 minutes on scooter from grocery store to hostel) to get it, then back in to return it.

It was a relaxing morning at the hostel, and was the first laundry day of the trip.  It's $7.50 per load to use the washing machine only (no dryer) and there wasn't even any soap!  And you had to fill up the machine with a hose!  Come on!

Had "brunch" around 10:30, which was leftovers from dinner two nights ago, pb&j, and a banana.  Trying to be healthy-isa, but it's hard without my daily green smoothies!

Got the laundry all hung out to dry - haven't done that in a long time!

 Did some more research on the Caribbean islands.  There are so many more than I realized!  I mean St. Vincent and the Grenadines has 37 islands alone!  How will I ever decide which ones to visit!  (Oh the problems I have...) ;)

My head was definitely still messed up from the scuba diving yesterday, so I spent the day driving the scooter around the island...

(Yeah, I took that while driving down the road.) ^^

...and sitting at Atlantis Beach watching the kite boarders.  They come out and set up shop there when the wind is good, so it was a nice spot to have some shade.

After that, we went to Lac bay for some snorkeling.  Saw more flamingos on the way!

A guy at the hostel told us about this one spot to go to if you wanted to see giant turtles feeding.  I was a little skeptic, because it was right by the conch shell piles we were at a few days ago and didnt see much.  But sure enough, he was right.  After just a few minutes swim out, there was a giant sea turtle.



He was missing a front fin, but was so calming could not have cared less that I was in his face with a camera...numerous times.  He must be used to it!

Back to the hostel for the usual cold shower and clothes washing routine.  It's getting easier.

Leftovers for dinner, read up more on what to do in Trinidad & Tobago and got a few more things lined up for that trip next week before bed.  That's it!

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