Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tobago: Nylon Pools & Argylle Waterfall

Saturday, Day 15

I got up at 6am to pee this morning, and then slept for almost three more hours.  I think the dogs and chickens start at like 4am, but then seem to stop around 6am or so.  But when I got out of bed finally, I could literally barely move neck.  I have absolutely no idea how that happened.  I guess I just laid on it wrong?  Who knows.  Hoping it just goes away on its own soon...

Finally got moving (slowly) and made it out the door around 10:15 to head down south to Pigeon Point to try and catch a boat ride to the Nylon Pools.  There seemed to be several boats, but the one that left at 11am was the cheapest...that I could find online anyways.

Oh, this is what it looks like outside the cottage on stilts every day.  Streets are just lined with Rasta dudes smoking weed.  Even saw a drug deal go down right in front of us like it was nothing. Which I guess it isn't here...but still!

(They ALL stop and stare when a white girl walks by.  Trust me.)

The radio on drive down played all American top hits kind of stuff.  I have officially heard Adele's Hello song in every country I've been in so far this trip.  Talk about global reach...

Got to Pigeon Point around 10:45 and immediately upon arriving - we weren't even in the gate yet actually - there were guys walking around the street asking if anyone wanted to go to the Nylon Pools! I was worried it would be hard to find the boat.  That was too easy  And it left at 11:30 -- not 11, so plenty of time!  I complained about having to buy an entrance pass to Pigeon Point on top of that $20, so the guy got in the back seat of the car, rode through with us, and paid for a Jetty Pass only.  Sweet!

The weather was good.  Sunny and warm, a little breezy.

But of course just as we started to get on the boat, the clouds rolled in, the water got choppy, and it started to rain.  Boats are already my nightmare, so this didn't help.

It was a glass bottom boat so you could watch the coral reef and fish below.  I just leaned back, kept my eyes shut, and tried to convince myself I was not on a boat and I was not getting sea sick.  Didn't look down that thing one time, except kind of just to take this picture.

We stopped at Buccoo Reef, they tried to show us all some coral.  I semi-glanced down once but that was enough for me, haha!  It was way too windy for me to get in and snorkel, but a couple of people on the boat braved the waves.  Not many.  And the water was cold, too, so it was a short stop.

Next stop, Nylon Pools.  The pictures online looked like a dream.  Basically a big sand bar out in the middle of the ocean.  But it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The tide was up so it was at least waist deep water.  COLD water.  I mean it was still cool to see -- lots of boats out there, loud music.  A big party in the ocean kind of.

The boat captain did eventually convince me to get in briefly, but I only got in to pee and then got right back out, haha.  I laid down on the top deck, had a death grip on the side of the rocking boat, and was determined to NOT throw up.  (I didn't.)

I really did okay on the boat ride.  I've been way worse.  I should have taken some Dramamine and it would have been way better, but oh well.

Back to the apartment for lunch -- a salad with some locally bought lettuce and spinach.  My neck was still killing me so I broke down and took some Ibuprofen (which I never take).  Somethings got to give.  I can't even turn my head to the right at all without a sharp pain!

Hung out around the cottage to let the drugs kick in, and then set off to the north part of the island to hike Argylle Waterfall.

Have I mentioned how awful the roads are here?  They're awful.  And I got sick again on the drive down.  The roller coast ride after the boat ride, on top of the sore neck was not a good decision.  I was SO happy to get out of the car at the waterfall entrance.

But bad news.  There was an entrance fee, which I knew, but I had very stupidly spent the last of my cash on the Nylon Pools boat tour this morning, and somehow forgot to get more out at the ATM.  I never travel without at least a $20 bill.  IT's just not a good idea.  And this is exactly why!

Thankfully, there was a group of really nice guys (one from the US) just in front, and heard what was going on, and offered to pay.  So, so nice of them.  And now we had some new hiking buddies to go see the waterfall with.

It was an easy, beautiful hike in, and the waterfall was fantastic.  Three tiers, and you better believe I immediately went all the way to the top.  I really wanted to find a spot where it looked safe enough to jump, but none of the pools looked deep enough.


Tried the middle level and then the bottom level on the hike back down, but didn't ever jump.  It was still awesome to see and to walk in though!

Hiked back out with the group of guys, and then drove almost an hour down those damn roller coaster roads back to the cottage.  Ugh.  So over all the car time on this island already!

Just not my best day.  All the motion sickness, the neck pain, and then my stomach started rumbling right after eating more salad for dinner.

I took a shower (still cold!), started packing up my stuff, and just felt awful.  Like really not feeling well at all.  Went to bed in pants and a sweater again, hoping for the best and no toilet time tonight.

Early (very early) morning flight tomorrow to Grenada!  (Also hoping the roads are better there.) ;)

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