Friday, January 29, 2016

St. Vincent --> Bequia

Friday, Day 21 

(I'm so far behind on keeping this blog updated.  So, short version with pictures for now:)

5:45am alarm
catch bus to Kingstown

no one would sit by white girl - so weird
gospel music blaring, likely to try and calm you down from the madness of flying through streets with blind curves, just honking the entire way
last stop in Kingstown, couple of blocks walk to ferry terminal

ferry looks rough - really rough
decide to ask, next one down leaves sooner and looks nicer
not bad ride, really -- didn't take Dramamine and didn't get sick

beautiful rainbow as we left St. Vincent

walk to coffee shop in Bequia for wifi and end up with banana smoothie

walk to dive shop, 2:30 dive option, but don't want to go that late

walk to next dive shop, 11:30 dive - sounds better
walk to beaches - lots of british and italians

walk back to dive shop for dive
suited up, never asked about names or checked paid numbers
didn't check gear or try anything on - not impressed with safety

3 minute boat ride out to dive spot
warn guide I am not a good diver and get nervous
jump in, cold water, best equalizing yet, made rest of dive smoother
water was cold, but so many fish and great coral
saw two turtles and an eel
ferry went over us and it was SO loud - wasn't sure what was going on
40 minute dive, longest yet, so cold teeth were chattering with TWO wetsuits on
drift dive - had to swim against current back, current so strong knocking regulator out of mouth

boat ride back, rinsed off in rain water bucket, warmed up in sun

went next door for lunch - curried fish - edible but not great

taxi up to hike peggy peak to get a view of both sides of island
dropped off at road - straight up - and said the trail would be at end of road
no trail found, just a water tower
looked like trail?  maybe?  pretty sure it was a draining ditch, but crawled up anyways
stuck a few times, literally crawled - no walking

30 minutes later, not to the top and no great view
started running on trail - which I found at the top - and hardly got the view I wanted, but it was still a nice view of the bay

literally ran back down, on the trail, which was much easier
down to road just in time for driver to pull back up

drove to town, back to coffee shop for wifi and another smoothie

4:30 ferry back to Kingstwon in St. Vincent

Allie was right there waiting at ferry terminal - she had a dr. appt in town that afternoon so waited
walked to Masseys grocery store where I ate a bag of chips while she shopped
have you ever seen a lemon look like this?

walked to main bus stop - complete madness
everyone trying to get out of town on Friday - all busses were full - waited almost an hour for one an had to squeeze in very back of bus

5 people in my row
21 people in a mini-van, no joke
wish I had a picture
or better yet a video of the driving
felt like on a bad disney ride or a video game - loud music, head hitting speakers, hot jostling back and forth

walked back to Allie's apartment with the flashlight on my phone
showered and packed up while she made tacos from "soy chunks" that tasted like meat - she's vegetarian
made own tortillas - so delicious - i need to learn to cook more

washed dishes and went to bed around 10pm

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