Friday, January 15, 2016

Klein Bonaire

Day 7

Today really felt like vacation.  Finally.  It's all felt a little rushed I guess, but today I slept in, no agenda, no alarm, and woke to the sound of rain.  Pretty much anything going on wakes you up here, because it is open-air.  The windows and doors are open all night.  (It's out in the country so safe enough for that.)

But wait, what?  Rain?  I thought it like never rained on this island!  I wasn't expecting it anyways.  But sure enough, it was overcast and actually rained pretty good on and off for most of the morning.

Which was fine with me.  I needed some down time to catch up on updating this and on researching the next location.  So after about 4 hours of sitting on my computer this morning, I booked a flight to Trinidad for Monday.

I'm probably way late to the game with Skyscanner, but did you know you can search from one place to "Anywhere" and for the whole month!?  So cool...and quite helpful.

Anyways, Trinidad doesn't look too terribly interesting yet, but there are a couple of things I want to check out, and I had to get over to that part of the world (the actual Caribbean islands) next anyways, so Trinidad just made sense.

They play some radio or something out on the patio, and it's all the top hits from America.  Taylor Swift, Adele...felt like I was jut sitting at about 60 degrees. ;)

Got some FaceTime in with Hadley and Hudson back home! ^^

Around 11:30, the clouds started to clear...and I realized I'd been sitting at the table for far too long.  I googled what time the water taxi left for Klein Bonaire, a small island just half a mile from Bonaire.  Noon.  I swear I saw 12:30 yesterday when I was in town, but either way, I rushed to get ready and flew in to town on the scooter...only to see that it was indeed 12:30 and the internet was wrong.  Ugh.

The small water taxi showed up right on time, and 15 minutes later landed on Klein Bonaire.

There are no services there.  No shade, either.  Just a deserted island, protected by the government, with a beautiful coral reef just feet from the shore.  Perfect for an afternoon of snorkeling!

The wind had picked up, so we walked down shore quite a ways, hopped in, and let the current carry us all the way back to where we left our bags on the shore.  

And it.was.amazing.  Seriously, I saw more stuff on that snorkel than I did scuba diving in Belize!  The set up is just perfect there.  It's so easy to swim out to the coral drop off and it's just fish galore. I have so many pictures and videos, but this one is one of the best that Scott took with his new over/under water camera thing. (I have no idea what it's called.)

(I'll get some of the videos uploaded to Youtube when I have better internet service. Wifi sucks at the hostel.)

The water was a little chilly so by the time we got back to a spot we could break through the coral, I was ready to get out and warm up on the beach. Got a little sand workout in:  100 jumping jacks, 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 crunches... that might have been it.  But it definitely got me warm.

I got back in again a little later to see if there was anything new.  There wasn't.  But it was just as spectacular as before. Seriously, pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. It's a whole new magical world under water that I've never really seen like this before!!

All in all, we were on the island for 4.5 hours.  The last water taxi back picked everyone up at 5pm to head back to the main island of Bonaire.

We tried to hit up a dive shop to work out some scuba diving for tomorrow, but everything closes at 5 around here, so no luck. Scootered back out to the hostel. 

Another cold shower for me.  I even washed my hair again and shaved my legs!  Felt like a new woman.  Kind of.  ;)

So every night I get in the shower in my swimsuit, board shorts, rash guard top, and flip flops.  I'm all covered in sand and salt water.  So I peel layers off one at a time and wash them, then wash myself, then go out and hang everything up to dry.  Good as new for the next day!

Dinner was Tex-Mex - more quoina and veggies, just with a fajita seasoning, and it was delicious!  Doing good with the no meat thing.  Haven't had any the whole time!

After dinner, I spent more time on the internet researching Trinidad and Tobago.  Trinidad still doesn't sound that great, but Tobago sounds promising.  Also looked at all of my awful go pro videos from the snorkeling.  I am so bad with the GoPro...but I'm bound and determined to get better!  Practice, practice, practice I guess!

As I was going to bed, a lizard literally jumped off the kitchen table in the dorm room and scurried under a bed.  A little weird, but I guess they're friendly enough.  I wouldn't want to be woken up by one crawling on me, but it's not like he would hurt me, right?  Do lizards bite?  Better google it...

Anyways, it's much darker and quite in the new room!  Oh, did I mention that?  Some of the girls left so the new sleeping spot is a much smaller room with a door and only three beds.  And no random dudes next to me.

(Took this earlier in the day, but this is my new spot for the next few days.)

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