Saturday, April 30, 2016

A few random APRIL pics

Between all the road trips (posts coming soon-ish...I promise!), there wasn't much down time in KC in April (...that mostly came in May).

  • Seriously, what did we do before Apple products and technology? ;)  One Macbook and two iPads = three happy kids!

  • The sunsets in the Midwest just never get old.

  • Hadley has loved my guitar for years now, so I decided it was time for her own mini-version:  a ukulele!  

I just got her a cheap one from eBay to try out...but she was oh-so-excited!  Next up:  we're starting our own band. ;)


  • The house saga continues.  The house that was supposed to be done in February is still not done.  (It's MAY now...)  But we're getting closer!

  • I finally decided on some new skis and boots to replace my old ones that were ruined in the fire.  I got the Black Pearl skis by Blizzard and the Atomic Backcountry boots (not the ones pictured here...those went back to the store).  I'm going with a "shades of purple" theme this year with the gear. ;)

  • Nap time with Hudson.  

  • This was day 6 of not washing my hair.  It still looks okay, right!?  (Okay...maybe looks a little like a rats nest)

  • I flew home early from a little west coast trip to do my moms taxes.  Every year I tell her I'm not going to do them for her if she waits until the last day...and every year she waits until the last day and I still get stuck rushing around to do them.

  • That face.  That hat.  I have no words.

  • I found my old Nike running watch and decided to try it out.  It works fine, but I still like holding my phone and using that instead of the watch.

  • My friend, Angie, was back in KC (from Boston) to sell their pictures at the Strawberry Swing Arts & Crafts fest, so of course I had to go see her!  I took Hunter and Hadley along, too, hoping they would enjoy it.


They didn't enjoy it.  They lasted about 5 minutes and were ready to go.  And I even gave them money for balloon animals!

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