Saturday, April 9, 2016

Crater Lake Nat'l Park

 Wembley is relentless.  Morning or night, it doesn't matter.  If she wants to play, you might as well just give in because she won't stop.  (See pic below from this morning as proof!)

We got up pretty early, packed up the hotel room, and grabbed Panera on the way out of town.  It's always so much stuff when we pack up.  I mean for two girls and a dog, you would think we were moving in for a week with the amount of stuff we carry in for an overnight stay.  (Ryan, on the other hand, brought one small bag because we told him that was all we had room for in the car!)

The Panera didn't fill us up enough, so a couple of hours later, we finally broke in to the Voodoo Donuts box!  I only had a couple of bites of mine.  It was good, but man, just way too sugary for me!  

We stopped in Eugene so Ryan could see the University of Oregon campus (Shan and I stopped on our way up).  Wembley was still not impressed with the duck statue, but she didn't freak out and try to attack it this time, even though that's half the reason we went there.  Ryan wanted to see her bark at the duck statue. 

Back on the road, another couple of hours or so.  I don't remember, I got tired and laid down in the back seat to try and sleep.  Well, what was left of the back seat after all of our bags and coolers and chairs got put in. 

Ryan and Shan finished off the last donut...and Wembley just stared at me while I tried to sleep.

This entrance sign was nice...but still not as nice as the one at Mt. Rainier!  That one will be tough to top.

We continued to drive in (and up) to the main visitor center.  There had been some debate on if the park was even going to be open this early in spring.  And this is why:

Holy snow!  Haha.  I've never seen so much of it on one building! 

Lucky for us, the visitor center was actually still open, despite this snow.  There was a little side door that had been tunneled through.

I can't pass up a good map, especially a topographic one!

Before we could do too much exploring around the first.  Always.  Good 'ole visitor center over-priced and crappy food!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so of course there were loads of other people who made the drive in, too.  

Easy to see why, right?  I'll let the pictures do the rest.  I think they speak for themselves. 

Crater Lake might take the cake for most beautiful.  Ever.  (I haven't decided yet if it beats Tahoe or not.  It's a tough one.)

I took this next pic from the roof of the building!  There was so much snow I could just run right up it!  I mean, it wasn't easy, but it still had to be done.  Wembley tried to follow me but her short little legs couldn't quite make it all the way up the last steep part.

Look at that WALL of snow in the parking lot!  So weird to be surrounded by that much snow and still be warm in the sunshine.

It was a pretty quick stop (with lots of picture taking) and then we continued the drive south...heding back towards the bay area.

A big storm moved in, so we pulled over to eat at a cute little road side diner in small town California to let it pass...and to eat, of course.

Back on the road and out of the storm.  Isn't she the cutest little dog ever!?

Our end destination for the night:  Motel 6 in Redding.

The hotel decision has been a debate with Shan and I every night, haha.  I want whatever is the cheapest.  I don't care where I sleep.  And she wants the Hilton every night.  So we usually compromise somewhere in between.  Motel 6 was a little more towards my side than hers. ;)

And of course, as usual, about the time we turned out the lights to sleep was about the time Wembley went nuts and tried to eat everything in MY bed.

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