Friday, April 1, 2016

Travertine Hot Springs + Heavenly {After Hours}

The plan was to head it back towards Tahoe today, but not before a few stops along the way.  This area is too gorgeous to just speed right through!

First stop: a little morning detour to Convice Lake.  We timed it just right with the sun and lighting.  The reflection was perfect and the water was smooth as glass.  I might have taken just a few too many pictures...

Second stop:  a lookout spot near Mono Lake.  We stopped there for brunch.  It's pretty sweet to be able to just pull over and start cooking with this view out the door.

Third stop:  Travertine Hot Springs.  After a long drive down a super bumpy rode, and then a short hike, we arrived at a series of pools.  

We didn't have them to ourselves though.  There were several other people there, some of whom were naked.  We moved over to a pool to ourselves, but that, too, soon became crowded with too many naked people for my comfort.  When an older naked guy stuck his foot on my arm, that was it.  We got up and left. 

We drove the rest of the way back to Carson City without too many more detours or pit stops.  I did get to stop at one roadside antique store, but didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  Shockingly.  

After a stop at Trader Joes for some groceries and a sporting goods store for a new paddle (for the paddle board), we stopped for an early dinner (or late lunch?) at a spot overlooking the Carson Valley.

The last thing on the agenda for today was my first time skinning up a mountain and my first time using my new skis!  WooHoo!

We drove to the bottom of Heavenly and booted up.  I was actually pretty nervous for this.  It looked so daunting.  And the thought of going UP a mountain on skis just sounded insane to me. But with my new boots and bindings, which were really made for this, and some new (used) skins on the bottom of my was very do-able.

Honestly, it wasn't bad at all.  It wan't even that hard.  It was FUN!  And free!!  I mean you can't start heading up until the resort closes at like 4 or 5, but after that, the runs are free game!  We went up a black and I survived!

It was so peaceful to be out there at night.  The ONLY ones out there.  And those Tahoe views...they never get old!

This is one of my favorite pictures!  Learning something new in my favorite spot with an amazing sunset to boot.

We made it to the top just as the sun was going down and the groomers were setting out to finish the mountain.  They had already groomed the top part of the run we came up (and were going back down) so that made the skiing even better.  

That top half, the groomed half, was pretty easy to ski.  And it was still semi-light out.  But the bottom half had turned to ice, was un-groomed, and all I had to see with was a head lamp!  It was a little out of my comfort zone, but really, it was SO fun.  I was ready to go back up and do it all again when we made it back down to the bottom!

One of Scott's friends opened up there house to let us shower and do laundry, even though they were out of town.  We also utilized the kitchen to cook dinner (and by we I mean Scott, because you know I don't cook).  I just showered.  

We still slept in the van in the driveway though...just parked in their driveway. :)

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