Sunday, April 24, 2016

Road Trip: New Oreans, LA --> Destin, FL

Jason flew out early Sunday morning, but Shannon and Ryan and myself had the morning to spend wandering around New Orleans.

We had our names on a waitlist for brunch at a hard to get in to restaurant.  They were going to text Ryan when our table was ready, but we wad wandered just a little too far by accident.  We actually ran back when we got the text, but we took too long and they gave the table away to the next in line!  After some stern words with the host and then speaking with the manager, we got our table. And our brunch.

I hit the road after that, on my way further east to finally see Destin, Florida.  

In no time at all I was on the white sand beaches for sunset.  It was even prettier than I expected!  I definitely get why so many people come here for vacation!

Instead of getting a hotel for the night, I hit another level of cheap and bought a twin size air mattress and decided to just sleep in my car.  I drove around for quite awhile trying to get the nerve up to just pull over, an ended up in a hotel parking lot.  The third one I drove around in.  

It was hot and I didn't have anything for the windows, so it was also bright.  BUT - I survived my first night of sleeping alone in my car.  I see this happening a lot more in the future...

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