Monday, April 4, 2016

Road Trip: San Fran --> Portland

Monday morning.  The start of our week long road trip adventure for Shannon's spring break.  While I was slow to get moving and in the shower, Shannon was already up and had cooked me eggs for breakfast...and even wrapped them in foil to keep them warm for me!  I felt like I was back at home with my mom! ;)

We loaded up the car.  And by loaded up, I really mean loaded up.  Like, full.  For two girls and one week, I think we were set on what we could possibly need! But hey, that's the joy of road trips!  If it fits in the car, you can take it!

We were out the door and on the road by 7:15am - in time to hopefully beat some of the baby area traffic.  {Ryan joked when he snapped this picture that poor Wembley looked scared to death.  She had no idea what a week in the car with two crazy girls was going to be like!}

It didn't take her long to settle in and crash between us.  

I think she got bored, but she did pretty well in the car all morning long, switching back and forth between Shannon's lap and mine.  

She woke up to help drive by Shasta.  HA!  It just cracks me up when she does that. :)

We didn't stop until we needed gas at Manfredi's in Dunsmuir, California.  Wembley finally got a little walk/potty break, and Shan and I grabbed a sandwich to split.  

We tried to barricade Wembley in the back seat with a dog treat so we could eat our lunch, but she wasn't having any part of that!  She hates the back seat!


It wasn't long before she was right back up front.

At some point during the afternoon, we changed our entire plan for the week.  We were going to go to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to ski, and then head down to Sun City to ski...but hello!  Shannon's knee is broken!  She can't ski!  I mean, she wanted to, and she was going to try it, but honestly, it was a bad plan.  With LOTS of driving.  So within an hour, we had the whole trip re-routed and decided to go up to Whistler in Canada instead.  

One small problem...I didn't have my passport with me!  After a few phone calls and Facebook messages, I decided to have my mom mail my passport from the UPS Store in Kansas to a UPS store in Seattle, where we would pick it up in two days!  Disaster averted. 

Our next stop of the day was in Eugene, Oregon.  We needed to walk around some and stretch our legs, and the the University of Oregon campus was the perfect place to do that!

Wembley was so not excited about that duck statue.  Apparently she hates statues, and continued to bark ferociously at that one until we pulled her away.


Random side note:  Did you know it is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon?  Well, we sure didn't.    So it was a total disaster when Shannon not only pulled up to the wrong side of the pump, but then proceed to try and pump her own gas.  Haha - quite the fiasco and we definitely got yelled at!  Oops!

It was around that time, late afternoon, that we finally remembered Wembley hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day.  Worst dog owners ever!  Poor little thing was so thirsty when we finally dumped some water in her bowl!  She drank so much she wore herself out again, and promptly went back to sleep.

Shannon's good friend, Cori, lives outside of Portland, and that was our final destination for the day.  Wembley was SO happy to be out of the car and running around.  

Cori and her husband cooked dinner for us, and we all sat around and watched the NCAA basketball championship game, complete with TWO buzzer beaters.  Wembley was not the least bit excited about the game...

And when it was time for bed, guess who decided she needed half the bed to herself?  Yeah.  Ummm, excuse me?  Just where am I supposed to sleep, Miss Wembley?  (She got the boot to the foot of the bed!)

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