Saturday, April 2, 2016

Carson Valley Half Marathon + Incline Beach Day

The reason we had to book it back to Tahoe yesterday was because Scott had to photograph the Carson Valley Half Marathon.  So we got up bright and early to hit the trail before the runners did.

It was a chilly morning and my throat was killing me (hopefully just allergies) we I petitioned for a Starbucks stop - which I NEVER do - and got an orange juice and a chai tea latte.  Also something I never buy...

It was a beautiful morning, although chilly.  While Scott was packing up his loads and loads of camera gear, a whole herd of deer was running through the edge of town.


Scott got a course outline from the race director, and a race shirt with his logo featured on the back!


And then we took off up the mountain to find a good spot to set up for the race.  It didn't take long to find a nice location with a lake view on one side and gorgeous view of the Carson Valley down below.

We wanted to find two spots to set cameras up at, but we ran out of time before the first runners started coming through.  So that spot had to do.  It took me awhile to get my groove going (i.e. how to work the camera), but by the end of the race, I figured it out. ;)

We were up there for what seemed like ever.  There were a lot of walkers who were taking there sweet time, and we couldn't leave before they came through.  (But come on...who is going to buy a picture of them walking during a half marathon?)

Once the race was over, we set back off for Lake Tahoe to see Shannon and Ryan.  Incline Beach has to be one of my favorites on the lake.  Look at this view...

And I finally got my Christmas present!  In April, haha.  Shannon said she was SO sick of looking at that snowman wrapping paper!  I don't think I took a picture of what was inside, but it was an awesome scarf from Thailand and a bag from Cambodia.  She knows me so well.  Two of my favorites!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon right on the shores of the most beautiful lake in all of America.  

The sun felt so good, but it was still a little chilly.  Miss Wembley loved every second of the water and sand.


Once the sun started to go down, it got a little too chilly.  So we packed up and went up to Shannon's house to make some dinner and watch a movie before crashing for the night. 

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