Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mountain Bike: Clear Creek Trail

Breakfast with Wembley.  Apparently she likes scrambled eggs, too.  I couldn't even eat for her nudging my arm and drooling over every bite of egg!


So I decided to rent a car and head up to Tahoe for a couple of days.  Scott was up there and had a cool bike for me to ride...and there was still some backcountry skiing to do.

My new bike!  Well, not really mine - but Scott built it and I get to ride it.  So it's mine for now. 

I don't know much about bikes, but this one is super light, has awesome suspension, and is easy to shift.  So it's totally a win in my book!

The trail for the day: Clear Creek outside of Carson City.

Scott had a GoPro on his bike tire...and that is the last time I wore those polka dot pants!  They do not look good on the butt, haha! 

Turns out I'm not much of a mountain biker.  I did fine on the uphill, but man, when I got going down, I felt so out of control and pretty much rode the breaks the entire way down.  Poor Scott had to go slow behind me and watch me almost stop at every little turn or bump.  Guess I need a little practice at this new sport!

On our way to South Lake, we made a little pt stop at the oldest bar in Nevada in Genoa to have a drink and a game of pool.  

I'm pretty sure I won...with minimal cheating involved. 

We met up with Mike & Heather for dinner in South Lake, and for some odd reason, Scott was talking and decided to take the whole lid off the peppers before he poured it over his pizza.  This was the end result:

Extra spicy.  

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