Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jazz Fest {New Orleans, LA}

Despite the late night, we were up pretty early and ready for a full day at Jazz Fest 


Poor decision were made in the food department, that's for sure.

It was so hot. Seriously, almost unbearable hot.  And we had to just stand there in the sun all afternoon waiting for Pearl Jam to come on.  (Confession:  I don't even like Pearl Jam that much...but I was a trooper and supported Shannons' unhealthy addiction to the lead singer.)

Already sunburnt...and it's still early.
It was all worth it once Pearl Jam started.  I'm not sure I've ever seen Shannon so happy.  Maybe not even on her wedding day?  Haha ;)

We walked around with the hoards of people after the how, wandering the streets of New Orleans  Somehow we ended up at some private party with a boat load (literally) of crawfish.  I was standing their gawking at them - never tried them before - when one of the guys running the show invited me over for one.  I think the look on my face says how I feel about crawfish.





Still in search of something to eat for dinner, we walked...and walked and walked and walked for miles to find a restaurant without an  hour long wait.  Ubers were crazy expensive and taxis were impossible to find.  So we ended up back almost to Bourbon Street at some little bar.  Finally.  About the time I was close to melt down for lack of food.  ;)

We were all a little too worn out from standing in the sun all day to have another wild night, but we still enjoyed people watching from the balcony!

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