Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Half Moon Bay, California

I decided to stick around the bay area for a couple more days.  While Shannon and Ryan had to work, I set out to explore a little.

But the traffic!!  My goodness.  There are three lanes and stoplights just to get ON the freeway!  It's insane!  All day every day...

Wembley didn't seem to mind and slept the whole way to Half Moon Bay.

Turns out dogs aren't allowed on that state beach...so I had to park down the road and sneak in.  

It was a perfect day for a little jog along the beach.  Pretty sure Wembley enjoyed it, too...even though I wouldn't let her swim in the ocean.  The waves were way too big for her!

I made a little stop at the shops along the road to get some fresh cut flowers for the house.  Flowers are always a nice little surprise. 

Wen tried her best to sit on my lap on the drive home.  I couldn't hold flowers AND her...and she was relentless.  Every time I moved my arm she tried to sneak in.  It got to the point it was actually comical to watch her try and figure out her next move.  Crazy dog...


Next stop:  Petco for a new leash.  She still has the gold one from the wedding, and I wanted to see if she liked the retractable ones like my dogs have.

We later discovered the leash I bought her was actually a CAT leash, haha.  I didn't even know they made cat leashes!  People walk their cats!?


I think our beach run wore her out.  Or maybe she is just used to sleeping all day.  Probably that.

I left her alone for most of the afternoon, but Ryan had a softball game that night, so out she went again.  On her new cat leash, which seems to be working well!

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