Friday, April 22, 2016

Cigar Boats & Bourbon Street {New Orleans, LA}

Shannon and Ryan flew in to Baton Rouge airport early Friday morning, and I was their to pick them up.

Of course we had to go visit Ryans family business office in Baton Rouge, before heading to their friends house just outside of New Orleans.


And their friend just happens to have an amazing cigar boat that we went out on for the afternoon!

That's their house...from the water.

I've never been on a cigar boat before and really had no idea what to expect.  I certainly wasn't expecting it to go as fast as it did, I'll tell you that!  My shirt about blew off, I had to hold on to my sunglasses.  Heck my head was about to fly off it felt like!

We eventually pulled up to the cutest little restaurant in the bayou and had some dinner their.

Back on the boat for the wild ride home!  And wild it was, especially when Ryan got to drive!

Shannon brought the "Make America Great Again" Trump hats - the knockoff ones, no money went to actually supporting him - as a joke for the weekend. They were a hit!!


After the crazy boat excursion, we drove in to the heart of New Orleans.  The same friends that have the boat also have a little place on Bourbon Street that we were staying in for the weekend!

Like literally ON Bourbon street.  We shared a balcony with a strip club.  No joke.

We looked so ridiculous carrying all of our stuff down the crazy party street.

The view from the balcony:


Yes, we all wore the Donald Trump hats out that night!  And oh what a night it was.  I'd say it's fair to say we all had a little too much to drink and a little too much fun dancing with strangers, riding bulls, throwing beads, and getting kicked off of fountains.  I'll leave it at that. 


I laugh every time I look at this next picture.  Ryan was SO angry at me for using the flash! 





This was the worst decision of the night.  More alcohol at like 2am.  (And also water!) Which no on touched because they were't really walking straight by that point.

Too tired to put sheets on, haha!  

It was a wild day and night, that's for sure, but definitely one of the more fun ones I can remember!

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