Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rose Knob, Nevada {Backcountry Skiing}

Today was my first day of actual backcountry skiing, and my second day on my new skis!  I think summiting Rose Knob was maybe biting off a bit more than I should have for my first day out, but oh well.  I made it. :)

Shannon hurt her knee and could't come, but Ryan, Scott and I met up with Megan, Collin, and Collin's brother for the morning adventure. 

It was quite the learning curve to just be thrown in to that, but I did okay and kept up pretty well for the most part.  I was definitely ready for a break by the ti me we got out of the trees though!  Thankfully everyone else was, too. 

The views of the lake just about took my breath away.  Either that, or the elevation and me being out of shape took my breath away.  Probably some combination of the two I would assume. ;)

We kept on going, up up and up some more.  The kick turns got harder and harder the steeper it got, and I fell several times.  I was beyond frustrated but I could see the top and was determined to make it there.   It was worth it just for these pictures. ;)

And even MORE worth it when I got to ski down!  It took me a second to get the nerve up to make some turns, but once I did, I was squealing with delight the whole way down.  The snow was so perfect and just being up there in the open, not at a resort or on a groomed was quite the experience for me and I loved every second of it!  Definitely a day I will never forget.  {So happy Scott was there to capture all of these awesome images, too!)

By the time I made it back down to the parking lot, the other guys were lawn chairs!  Ha. Guess I was a little slow on the decent, and I fell a few times.  The snow started to melt ad it got thick and heavy!

Ryan, Shannon and I showered, packed up and started the drive back to the bay area.  But not before a stop for lunch at Tahoe Central Market & Deli in Kings Beach!  They have the best sandwiches and healthy foods...and smoothies with cute drawings on the lids! ;)


Not one to miss out on all the action, Wembley often helps Shannon drive.  And it's about the funniest thing I've ever seen.  That dog is just so dang cute!

But alas, the drive was too long and boring for her, and she konked out in my arms.  Seriously, her coloring and markings are just about the cutest I've ever seen!

No trip between Tahoe and Mountain View is complete without a stop to dumpster dive behind Restoration Hardware.  We got in all three dumpsters but struck out cold this time.  No luck with anything!  It won't keep us from trying though.  We've found too many treasures in there!

Back at their apartment, Shannon made my bed up for me, complete with a little chocolate on my pillow.  She and Ryan are just the best and always make me feel so welcome with them.  Total third wheel in their relationship...and I wouldn't have it any other way, haha! :)

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