Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Birthday Date

For my own nieces and nephews birthdays, I always try to do a "Date Day" -- do something fun with them to celebrate, rather than buy them a present.  Scott was on board with that, so today, we carried that tradition on over to his nephew, Zaiden, who turns 3 on Friday.

But first things first:

Scott got up at 7 to work, and per usual, covered me up with a sleeping bag to let me sleep.  I woke up around 9 (hey, it's better than 10!), and made my way inside for a green smoothie breakfast. (Not so "green" this week as I've been adding beets from the Farmer's Market!)

   ^^ Morning FaceTime session with Hudson

I read some news articles, FaceTimed with my niece and nephew, searched for some flights out west in a few weeks -- to no avail -- and decided today was the day.  Today I would get that van washed.

Yesterday it was quite the dilemma, but today, I was prepared.  Scott and I drove to his dad's shop to get the supplies: a bucket, a sponge, car washing soap, and a chamois.  I also got the grand tour of the place, which was actually pretty interesting.  His dad makes tools.  Or molds (not the right word?) that cut steel. ?  Maybe?  Okay, it was over my head, but it was cool.

Before we could even make it back to the house, lunch plans were made and we met everyone at a little Mexican place on the side of a gas station in Colona.  I wasn't hungry, and neither was Scott.  We weren't even going to eat so we could workout first.  But then I ordered this:

And ate almost all of it.  So much for not eating.  (And so much for that afternoon workout.)

But after lunch, it was on.  The van went down.

And man, it was a lot more work than I expected.  That thing is huge!  And it was SO dirty that even with a pressure washer, I still had to physically scrub the entire thing just to get down to the white part of the van!

      ^^ Not scrubbed                                                     ^^Scrubbed

Over TWO HOURS later, it looked pretty good.  Not great, but good.  Better than it was, anyways.  That's for sure.  

Scott came out at the end (he was on a work call) and did the one part I couldn't reach up top, while I finished with the tires.  

I barely had time to shower (and rip half my head of hair out with all the tangles) before we left to go pick up Z from daycare for his birthday date.

He was pretty excited to see us. Don't let that face fool you. 

We gave him the option of seeing animals (the zoo) or tractors (the John Deere Pavilon).  He chose tractors, hands down.  So to the Pavilon we went.

It was just slightly windy, so the outdoor tractors didn't last long.  

    ^^ Is Z's face not the cutest!?

Luckily, there were even more tractors to play with (and in/on) inside the building.  And he got in

There were a few times I had to remind Scott that this was for Z, not him. And he needed to get off the toys that Z wanted to play with and let him have a turn. (I'll spare those pictures for now.)

We didn't get there until 4, and they closed at 5.  Quick visit, but he still got to see everything there.

The food dilemma next.  Scott and I wanted to eat something semi-healthy.  Z only wanted pizza.  He said he had pizza for breakfast, and pizza for lunch, and even when I mentioned every other kid-friendly food I could think of, he still only wanted pizza for dinner.  

Fine.  The birthday boy wins.  Crust Pizza here we come. (Better than Pizza Hut!)

"Are you sure I won't get in trouble for licking cheese off my plate?"

Now, I don't know if you know or not, but today was National Cheese Curd Day.  What are the odds the restaurant we went to just happened to have beer battered cheese curds on the menu!?  I mean, clearly it was a sign.  

You better believe I ordered them.  And they were delicious.  Healthy?  Not so much.  But delicious.  Yes.  

I gave Z a couple of them and he said, "mmmmm SO good" every time.  But when I opened one up to cool off for him, he said, "Is that cheese? I don't like cheese."  Hmm, okay buddy.  Well you sure liked the first two bites.  So I gave him another one, not opened so he couldn't see it, and he loved it again. Guess what, Z.  You DO like cheese. 

He said the same thing about pepperonis.  But had no problem chomping down on this.  

   Three year olds clearly can't be trusted.

It was a bit of a struggle to get him to finish one piece (I have a hilarious video of a very annoyed Scott trying to feed him), but as soon as we were done, we took off for the Children's Museum in Bettendorf.

For a somewhat small town, it was a really good museum.  They had it all: a fire station, bridges, restaurants, a vet clinic, post office, shoe shop, farm, grocery store.  It was like a whole town for little people, all fully functioning.  Of course Z went straight for the fire truck first.  (His daddy is a fire fighter.)

About the time we were grocery shopping, I smelled something.  After first blaming it on Scott, I took a whiff of Z's butt and sure enough...he did it.  Scott said, "I'll go get the stuff from the car...and then...." and then he took off running for the car.  HA!  Yeah, I got diaper duties.  For an almost three year old in a pull-up with almost-diarrhea.  Ugghh.  He OWES me for that one.  

OH- and to top it off - the diaper bag had wipes.  No diaper or pull-up.  Just wipes  Which, don't get me wrong, were very nice to have for this mess.  But a pull-up would have been nice, too.  When I stood him up and just pulled his pants back on, he grabbed himself, and with a big, surprised smile, said, "NO DIAPER!?"  Ha - he apparently likes the feeling of being free. 

That little incident cut the rest of the museum trip a little short.  I was not pumped about the idea of him now peeing in his pants and then we would really be S.O.L.  No diaper, no clean clothes.  He'd either be running around naked or in pee-soaked pants.  Neither sounded ideal.  So instead, I incessantly asked him every 5 minutes, "Z, do you have to go potty now?  Are you suuuure you don't have to go potty now"  Poor kid.  

We played a few more things, and by that point, it was 7:30 and time to get him home for bed anyways.

He's very much in to the "why" phase, so every.singe.thing. we said on the way home was followed up with a "why?"  I think we eventually just started ignoring him. ;)

We got him home on time and the first thing he did when he walked in the door was pull his pants down and show everyone that he was, in fat, NOT wearing a diaper. Crazy kid. ;)

All in all, I think he had a pretty good little birthday date.  I know he's only three, but hopefully he will remember his fun evening with "Uncle Scotty" and "Tewwi."

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