Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hadley's 5th Birthday

My littlest niece is not so little anymore.  She turned 5 on Saturday!  Scott took these pictures of her last weekend and I still can't believe she's so big!

   ^She is one spunky, sassy little thing. 

I feel like FIVE is the end of the baby/toddler years and she's a little person now.  And little people deserve big gifts, right?

Hadley's birthday present has been in the works since June, when Scott was visiting here in Kansas City and brought his drums with him.  We picked up the kids one day and brought them over to my house (back when I owned a house!) and Hadley was hooked as soon as she picked up those drum sticks.  She was shockingly good and could keep a beat with all of her favorite songs.  I really think music is her thing...  So I've known since then that I wanted to get her drums for her special day. Typical Aunt gift. Something loud and annoying to her parents. 

As Saturday got closer, I started looking online to see what was out there.  There weren't any cheap ones, but I just had to get them.  I mean, 5 is a big birthday!  So I made the order and they showed up the week before her big day.  

Putting them together was a little bit of a nightmare, but whatever.  I got it figured out.  Eventually.  

So Saturday morning, after a tough workout at the track, I went over to Jason and Kelli's to get the drum set out of the back of my car.  {I forgot they were in there when I took off and they fell over, of course.  I slammed on the breaks and thought I'd just got in a wreck, they were so loud!}

My mom kept the kids occupied upstairs while Kelli and I snuck the drums in to the basement, got them set up, and hid them under a blanket.  When Hadley came sauntering down the stairs, we sang to her, and I told her she had to find her birthday present!  It didn't take her long to spot them, and judging from her reaction, she was thoroughly impressed.  {The whole video is on my YouTube page.}

After that, it was non-stop party time.  We drummed and danced and sang for what seemed like ever. 

She shared with Hudson (a requirement of the gift from me) and they did duets with the microphone.  


Honestly, it was just too much cuteness to handle, and I loved every second of it.

{A few more videos HERE and HERE.}

   ^^ Look at that focus!

Hudson seems to like the drums about a much as Hadley, which came as a surprise to me, but probably shouldn't have.  He's really in to music, too, and immediately asks to play Taylor Swift on my phone the second he sees me.  In fact, he can now get my phone, get the Spotify app open, and play music on his own now.  And he just turned 2!

Needless to say, Hadley is thoroughly enjoying her 5th birthday present, and I hope she continues to for years to come.  Maybe she'll grow up to be some kick a$$ drummer, and I can get some credit for getting her her first set! ;)

I didn't do much the rest of the day, but I did make it to a movie:  The Walk.  And seriously was NOT impressed.  It was a two hour movie building up to a 10 minute walk.  Just too slow for me.  Had dinner at Panera with my mom, and watched the Royals game to end the night.   {Well, until the rain delay, and then I fell asleep.  #worstfanever }

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