Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 4: More Cleaning


I've been trying to keep up with this "picture a day" thing since I'm unemployed now, but I literally did nothing but clean today. I pretty much only picked up my phone when we sat down to eat ... which was only twice.

Breakfast and dinner. The colorful pictures of the day (both courtesy of Scott's cooking):

Sweet potato, eggs & veggies, half an apple and some strawberries

Quinoa, veggies, and chicken 

Okay, I take that back. I did take another break today. To go to ... Wal-Mart. For the fifth time in three days. I needed paper towels and GooGone -- so I could get back to my cleaning. 

The view leaving there today was a far cry from the blue skies and sunshine on Friday. 

I painted walls and painted grout -- after I scrubbed it. Who ever put white tile in a kitchen needs to be shot.

I also painted doors and trim and window ledges. Washed tables and windows and screens. Patched holes. Vacuumed floors and drawers and ledges.  Dusted furniture and curtain rods and light fixtures. And scrubbed floors until my knees bled. (Literally.)

Scott re-painting the front door ^^

So much cleaning. And so much more to go! We're thinking about pushing our departure back another day just so we can keep going on this house. 

One thing is for sure: it will be the cleanest house on the market! 

PS - It's so weird to not be prepping for the work week tonight. I'm definitely not used to this whole being unemployed thing yet...

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