Tuesday, October 13, 2015

National Farmers Day {Or Columbus Day}

I would much rather celebrate farmers than Columbus...so that's what I did today.

Scott had a photo shoot from 9 to noon with a friend and her three nephews.  Just what three school-aged boys wanted to do on their day off from school:  take pictures.

We actually got some really good ones, even with a lack of initial enthusiasm from the subjects. And I say WE because I got to put my two cents in on the poses, I held the flashes, and I threw the football for action shots.  That counts, right?

Soon-to-be office manager for Rokis Photography ;)

We started at their aunts house, went to a nearby school to play, then to her school classroom (she's a teacher), and then to their farm house to jump on the trampoline and play with the cows.

The farm part was definitely my favorite part.  The cows weren't too sure about me, but the bunnies.  Oooooh the soft little bunnies.  I definitely tried to talk Scott in to letting me have one for the van.  That was quickly denied. Shocker. 

   But look how cuuuute she is! ^^

Lunch was a quick stop at Sweet Peas's in Geneseo, and then it was off to farm number 2 for the day.

   (I took a nap on the way.)

Scott's best friend was cutting corn, and we got to ride along!  

First I drove the gator, then moved up to the tractor pulling the grain cart.  

(Justin was so nice as he answered my 200 questions over the next hour or so.)

It really was just beautiful out there, and Scott got some fantastic pictures, which he's hoping to sell to John Deere for marketing and advertising. 

John Deere was actually out there all week testing new equipment and letting their employees learn about the machines. Meanwhile, Justin was getting his corn cut for free.  Win - win!

   The employees went too fast with the giant 40 foot header and jammed it! 

I have SO many pictures just on my phone from today, and Scott has about 1,200 more.  No big deal. 

   My shirt says "Midwest is Best"

The one shot Scott didn't get and wished he did:  the one I got while squatting to pee in between rows of corn. 


We were out there from about 1 to 4:30.  So much for that whole "staying busy" thing I was worried about. I'd say today was a success.  

On our way back to town, we happened to catch Scott's brother-in-law outside his house in his cop car!  

At some point in my ife, I think I need to be arrested.  Just once.  For something small.  Every one needs a good back-seat-of-the-cop-car story, right?  ... No?

Back at the house, we were wiped.  Again.  The plan was to go to a movie - finally.  Scott's never taken me to a movie!  But that plan fell apart as the evening got later and later and we started going through the days pictures.  

I just wanted to get in pajama pants and go to sleep.  So that's what we did. 

Tomorrow is our big Global Entry interview to see if we get approved for the program ... so we can sneak in and out of Cuba easier.  Just kidding!  I'm just impatient and don't like those immigration lines.  So if we get approved tomorrow, it should eliminate a lot of that.  Totally worth whatever it cost, especially with all the upcoming traveling we will be doing!

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