Monday, October 5, 2015

More of the same...

Monday. Day 5, but who's counting. ;)

I should be at the office today! But instead, I'm still cleaning and painting at Scott's house. 

Oh, and re-covering bar stools. No big deal. 

I impress myself sometimes. ;) These two nice bar stools were in the "Take to Goodwill" pile only because the seats were stained. So I grabbed an old curtain and stapled it on. And WA-LA. Good as new. 

I even got to use the fancy staple air gun!

We were supposed to be getting on the road today, but alas, we are still in Gardnerville. Scott worked and ran errands most of the day.  Meanwhile, I did more of the same at his house. 

I had to take a break today and get outside for some exercise. Running in October is just the best. The temperature is usually perfect for an afternoon jog. Not too hot and not too cold. 

It was so slow, but I'm blaming it on the elevation, and the fact that I have a nasty cold. Oh well. Still felt good to get out and get moving!

When I came back in, I realized over the past few days, I've accumulated 5 pairs of shoes at the front door to Scotts 1. Yikes. Somebody has a show problem huh. 

After the run, I moved on to the bathroom. A major undertaking. I really wish I had before and after pictures. It went from grungy to sparkling white! One of my biggest accomplishments in the house I think. 

Scott came back, cooked dinner, and then we loaded up the van. It's like moving your life every time we do that, I swear. (I guess because that is exactly what we are doing!)

The new fridge came (which is why we are still here and not on the road yet!) -- and it didn't fit. It was slightly bigger than the old one. Which meant he has tear down a wall and might have to re-do the custom counter top his dad built. UGH. 

Now it wouldn't be a complete day if I didn't make one more trip to Wal-Mart. I had to get new curtains because the ones Scott brought home were bad. ;) The Wal-Mart saga is comical at this point. So I took another picture. I should start a hash tag. #WalMartViews ;)

Okay, we will for real be on the road tomorrow (Tuesday.) We have to be to make it to Illinois by Friday. No more house stuff. Let the road trip adventure begin!

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