Monday, October 19, 2015

A Day of Errands

Today was my first full day of being home and  being unemployed.  The day after I quit my job, I flew to Tahoe, and have been gone ever since (2.5 weeks).  So I haven't really had a chance for it to sink in yet.  I actually quit my job with no plan but to travel the world and hopefully serve others (do some charity work) along the way.  No end-date, no list, no big goal.  Just going and doing it.

I was a little worried about this day.  You see, I don't sit still well.  I don't do nothing well.  I like to have something to do.  I like tasks and being busy.  So how would today (or this week) go?

Well, it started off with a 4:50am alarm to workout for an hour.  The workout wasn't killer, which was good for me to get back in to the swing of things.  

   ^Repeat 3 times 

I came  home, had some oatmeal, cleaned house a little, showered ... and left to run a few errands.


Yea, that's how you keep busy on day 1.  You shop for 6 hours!  I left the house at 10am and didn't get home until 4pm.
  • Target #1 - where I took forever and bought a ridiulous cart full of stuff that was all on the "damaged out" list from the fire.  I should get reimbursed for all of it, so I just went to town and tossed in every thing I could remember.
  • Eye doctor to pick up my prescription sunglasses that I lost while hiking in Tahoe last month.

  • Dicks Sporting Goods to try and find a dumbell stand.  (No luck.)
  • Target #2 - to try and find the 10lb hand weights that Target #1 didn't have.  (Target #2 didn't have them either).
  • REI to return a broken pair of sunglasses (and look at all the too expensie things I want!)
  • Marshalls to exchnge a blanket I bought and changed my mind on. (I like this one way better!)
  • Target #3 - still looking for those hand weights -- and SUCCESS! Finally!

  • Oak Park Mall - where I looked at every single store that had formal dresses.  I didn't find what I was looking for (a bridesmaid dress for Shannon's wedding next month), but I did find this little beauty for Halloween!  

I'm going to hopefully turn it in to a peacock costume.  and by "I" I really mean Christa.

  • David's Bridal for more bridesmaid dress shoppinf. I didn't like either one of these, so I'm still on the hunt.

And allll that took 6 hours.  Mainly because I took my sweet time and looked at everything when I was in the stores.  

For the record, shopping on Monday's is awesome.  No lines, no traffic.  It's easy and just great.

When I got home, I had to enjoy a little bit of the unseasonably warm October weather, so I sat out on the porch and got a flight booked for the first week of November (no thanks to Willow)...

...and spent the rest of the evening going through the giant book of contents that is still looming over me on the kitchen table.  It will be a small miracle if we ever make it through this thing:

I went to bed at 9pm before I got even more wrapped up in to the Royals losing in Toronto. Those early morning alarms don't care about the playoffs...

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