Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Parties

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and it was nothing but parties, day and night.  Both Halloween and birthday!

And since I can only wear my Halloween leggings one day a year, they definitely went on for the festivities:

   ^ I've worn them every year on Halloween for the past 7 years!)

Since Hunter was born on October 29th, he always has his birthday party on Halloween, and this year was no different.  Jason and Kelli couldn't make it out that night for his party.  So to make up for it, they took him to Urban Air in Olathe, and I got to come along!  It was one big family affair (minus Tony and Christa - who were prepping for the party that night.)  

   ^ All 7 of us piled in my car

The place was awesome.  Full of trampolines and Ninja Warrior obstale courses.  Dodge ball courts and baketball courts -- all on trampolines.  

In additional to all of that, there was a huge play area / jungle gym for smaller kiddos (slides and ball pits and multiple levels) perfect for Hadley, Hudson, and Hunter when they wanted a break from the bigger area. 

They raced and jumped for almost two hours.  Until they were all worn out and ready for lunch (and a nap).  

Hunter's favorite spot for lunch is Chick-fil-A, so of course that's where we went. The birthday boy gets what th birthday boy wants.  And it doesn't hurt that Hadley and Hudson love it, too.  

We dropped Hunter off at his house for a nap after lunch.  When we pulled up, Brody was outside raking leaves.  I hope he was planning on being there awhile...

Hunter wasn't the only one ready for a nap after that morning.  We all went home for naps. Well, everyone except for my mom.  She had to make her famous cinamon rolls for the birthday party that night.  But I got a solid hour nap in!

I didn't plan on sleeping that long, but hey, I guess I needed it!  I had to get moving once I finally woke up.  Hunter's birthday party started at 5 at his house.

I was so thrilled when I got there and saw the food.  Finally a healthy Halloween!  Fruits and veggies and paleo candy for the win!  

Well, minus the cinnamon rolls my mom made.  They're impossible to pass on.  Pretty sure I had 5. Ooops.

After we ate, it was time for Hunter to open all of his presents.  He was so funny.  He would rip each one open, look at it, toss it, and move on to the next!  I don't know if he was just in a hurry to get through it or if he was looking for something specific or what!  

That didn't take long to get through, and then it was cake and candles and singing. {Video is on my YouTube page.}

I snapped some photos of the kids in their costumes before we set off to trick-or-treat.  Hunter was the cutest little blue spider ever.  Of course Christa made the awesome costume.  Brody was a gorilla, as seen in the photo bomb of Allie and her friends.

The Royals were playing Game 4 of the World Series that night, and Tony had his tv set up outside with a bonfire.  All the adults sat around there to watch the game, while Christa, Nickie, Sarah and I took the little kids around the neighborhood for some candy.

It was still early, and there weren't a ton of houses with light on and doors open, but we made it several blocks around the neighborhood and the kids got plenty of candy.  They ran around like crazy little hoodlums the whole time.

When we got back to the house, I took Brody over to his friends house, who lives just a coupe of blocks away.  I said we would stay 10 or 15 minutes so he could hang out with his little buddy.  

An hour and a half later...  I was still standing there.  At least they had the game on, too. 

I am such a push over and have such a hard time telling him no.  He wanted to stay, so I let him!  I did eventually have to drag him out of there so we could go home.  I had another Haloween party to get to, and he begged enough until they just let him go back and stay the night with his friend. :)

So I put on my cat costume (complete with leather pants and a fur vest) and went on to my next party at Ugne's house to watch the rest of the game.  

Ugne and her boyfriend are both from Lithuania...and so was everyone else at the party.  I was one of two non-Lithuanians there.  They were all so nice and even switched up speaking Lithuanian to English for me. 

   ^Always a good time when I get to see this girl!

I only stayed until the end of the very exciting Royals game, and then I went home to bed.  I just can't hang like I used to be able to.  

(Ha - who am I kidding.  I've always liked my sleep more than going out and partying.)      

Halloween 2015 was a non-stop day, full of family and friends.  And creepy finger cookies. Can't beat that.       



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