Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dual Birthday Party

We spent last night in the West Des Moines Wal-Mart parking lot, and woke up to the sound of the alarm at 8am.  

After walking inside for a bathroom stop, we hit the road for the 3 hour drive to Kansas City.

An hour or so in to the drive, I was hungry.  Really hungry.  I thought I would try and make us some green smoothies while we were driving, but that lasted all of about 2 minutes.  I get motion sickness very easily and standing up in the van just wasn't happening.  So we pulled over at the next gas station and I quickly whipped up my favorite breakfast:

One more pit stop at a truck-stop, and we hit some serious traffic north of Kansas City (due to road construction).  

To pass the time while we sat, I cranked the Dixie Chicks Pandora station, and sang my heart out.  (Poor Scott.)

We pulled in to my moms rental house (living in a crappy rental now because her house is being torn down) right at 12:30, unloaded my stuff, and set bak out to run some errands.  

I've been haing some fun with the "National whatever Day" calendar, and today was no different.  National Pasta Day definitely called for a lunch stop at Noodles & Co at the mall!

Made some returns (Macy's) and did some shopping (Amerian Eagle - don't ask) at the mall, and the last stop was the car wash.  Somehow my car got filthy in the 2.5 weeks I was gone.

I had just enough time to shower and get read for the big Dual Birthday Party for Hadley (5) and Hudson (2) at 4:30.  Today is Hudson's actual birthday, and Hadley's is next Saturday.  

Scott and I went over a little early so he could take some family photos of them. 

It was a gorgeous day for photos, but Hudson just wasn't having the picture taking.  Scott still managed to get some really good photos thouh. I can't wait to get them all from him! (But I  have a feeling I'll be waiting awhile.  Like he says, "Paying customers first.")

The people came and the party started, which mainly consisted of all the adults eating pizza and watching the Royals game, and the kids running around un-supervised.  

Once the game was over (Royals win!), we had cake and cupcakes, and broke a pinata outside.  I got to pratice with the big camera and had so muh fun capturing images of the kiddos.  This whole photography thing is exciting when you have good equpiment!

The kids were wound with sugar after that, so we burned off some energy with dodge ball before opening presents. 

Of course they both got a ton of presents. And nothing from me! (More on that next week for Hadley's birthday.)

Scott wasn't feeling well when we got home that night. In fact, he hadn't been feeling well all day but sucked it up for family time. But when we got back, he went straight to the couch, and then off to bed. (So not like him at all!) I still managed to talk him in to downloading the pictures and editing one for me. :)

   ^My favorite almost four year old: Hunter

It was such a fun afternoon with my whole family (plus lots of other people!) and a gorgeous day weather-wise. I used to loathe being "stuck" in Kansas City, but I sure was glad I was able to make it home for today's dual birthday party.

Scott is off to Tahoe tomorrow morning (sick as he is), and I'll be staying here in KC for a couple of weeks.  Guess he'll have to drive himself this time! 

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