Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: Flume Trail

Today was definitely a leg day. 16+ miles of mountain biking.

Alarm went off at 5:30. Far too early. That whole "Kansas time" and feeling like it was actually 7:30 went out the window over night. It felt every bit of 5:30. Or even 4:30. 

Anyways, I made us some smoothies for breakfast and we were packed up and out the door  by 6:15. 

By 7am, we were on the Flume Trail up to Marlette Lake. At 37 degrees, I was in an ear warmer, coat, and gloves, against Scotts advice. He said I would get too hot in all that. (For the record, he was wrong.)

It was a good 4 miles or so UP the mountain. I've never felt my quads burn quite like they did then. 

I biked the Flume trail two years ago with Shannon. We went the opposite way, which I think is way harder. And we had crappy rented bikes. And no idea what we were in for. Consequently, it was more of a hike up a mountain while pushing a bike than an actual bike ride. 

This time, I was much more prepared thanks to Scott borrowing a fancy bike for me.  He was right about that. Having good equipment makes all the difference. As did actually knowing how to and when to shift gears. I'm proud to say I only had to get off and push my bike a couple of times. I rode the vast majority this time. 

The first good view was Marlette Lake, about 7 miles in. I mean there were good views the whole way really.  Mountains and trees changing colors are gorgeous too. But the reflections of this lake in the early morning sun were enough for a pit stop.

We kept going around the mountain, and on to views of Lake Tahoe.

(The sun hasn't made it up and over to that side of the mountain yet.)

We stopped along the way to set up a couple of cameras and flashes for the race. ...  OH! The race. Flume Classic 1/2 Marathon. Scott was the photographer. That's why we really biked the flume today. Forgot to mention that. :)

My colorful outfit for the day ^^

He set up one wide angle camera on a pole 10 feet high. And wanted me to stand in soft sand on the down slope side of the mountain while holding it and pushing a remote button to snap the picture as the runners came through. That lasted all of three minutes. I couldn't hold it without sliding. It was too heavy I was cold. And uncomfortable. And he gave up and took it from me. :)

My job was to take the other camera and "find a good spot" on my own. Thanks for the help. ;)

He showed me a picture he took a few weeks earlier on the trail and told me to re-create it. HA! I don't have the pictures right now - they're on his laptop. But the comparison is hilarious. His is perfect with the afternoon sunlight. Mine is dark because the sun hadnt hit the spot yet, and out of focus. Of course. Eeeeek. 

I was just heading back to show him and ask for help when I saw the first runners coming. So I sprinted back to the spot and had just sat down and turned around when the first guy came whizzing past me. Oops. I'm not so good at this race photography thing...

I shot from that general location for probably an hour or so. Moving ever few minutes to try and get something good.  And then I looked behind me and realized the sun was on the trail in other spots. In between runners I sprinted further down the trail and ran up a rock to get a better shot with a view. And some sun light! 

It was so much better! And warmer. I text this one to Scott and he said he was going to be working for ME in no time. ;)

As the final runner came through, I walked back to Scott. He packed up all his equipment and (after a selfie) we started biking back up to Marlette and then all the way back down to the car. 

The views were just ridiculous the whole way. I'm already so much slower than Scott, so I couldn't ask him to stop so I could take a picture. Instead I just risked my life and almost fell of my bike while taking pictures. :)

Lake Tahoe ^^

Marlette Lake ^^

Scott got a lot of good pictures on his GoPro whole we were riding back down, too.

My legs were so shot by the time we made it back. I'm fact, I even got off my bike and pushed it the last 100 yards or so that happened to be uphill. I just couldn't do it anymore. 

And on top of my legs hurting, my hands hurt from white-knuckling the handlebars as I flew downhill. AND my pants must have had a seem in a bad spot because my crotch was practically raw. Rough day... 

We snarffed down some food in the car, made a couple of stops in Carson City, and got back to work on the house as soon as we got back. 

Now the original plan was to hit the road for Illinois after we got done shooting the race. BUT - Scott ordered a new fridge for the van that was supposed to be at his house Friday. It didn't come. Now we have to wait for it to be delivered Monday. That puts us way behind on time, as we planned to knock a big chunk of the drive out on Sunday. Oh well... Guess it will just be a long week. 

So it was more painting for me.  I actually painted the entire kitchen a slightly darker shade of yellow. And cleaned some, too. 

This tile is going to be the death of me. After scrubbing and bleaching, it still wasn't white. So I painted it with a colorant/sealant combo -- with a tiny little paint brush. Ugh. Took forever, but at least it looks good now.

The sun came and went and we kept working late in to the night. 

In fact, I think it was after 11 when I was sitting in the shower...scrubbing away. 

More of the same is on for tomorrow!

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