Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Night Lights

 An update to yesterday: Scott and his dad worked late in to the night (well, 10pm -- that's late in my night) and the van now has a countertop! It was just plywood before, so a real counter around the sink and stove is a big addition!

It's not necessarily what we would have picked, but it was free.  Beggars can't be choosers. ;) Lots more to do on the van, but it's coming together!


Today started like every other day this week: Scott getting up to work, me sleeping under a mountain of blankets, and him coming out to wake me up two hours later. 9:40?! Who sleeps in until 9:40?! I used to get up at 4:45 to work out every day before work! I'm falling off the wagon quickly...

This morning, though -- no green smoothie. Eggs and sweet potatoes and veggies were already waiting for me. I ate them so fast I couldn't even get a picture. 

After breakfast, I kept Olivia occupied while her momma showered. 

Well, that didn't end too well. I was letting her play with my phone and iPad. No big deal. Until she put my phone on the iPad case and then slammed it shut. I heard the crack and I knew...


Scott promptly ordered a replacement glass kit from Amazon. We'll see how that goes. 

While that was going on inside, there was quite the commotion outside, too. A tree cutting trick had pulled up to take care of a tree that was just dropping too many leaves in the pool. It had to go. 

   ^^ See that white drone?

And instead of working, Scott decided his time would be better spent flying a drone around the backyard to get pictures of them. 

(And this is why I'm still waiting on pictures from JUNE from him. He just keeps taking more instead of working on the ones he's got!)

I planned on getting a workout in that afternoon. I always have good intentions. But instead, I spent a few hours going through alllllll the plastic bins Scott threw in the van. Tools and cooking spices, bug spray and bolts, magazines and light switch covers... I could go on. All mixed together in tubs and begging for my organizational expertise. 

It took forever. Especially since I had to go ask him what half the stuff even was. I didn't take an after pic, but it's pretty well organized and all packed away in the van again. Now he'll just have to ask me every time he wants to know where something is!

I chowed down a giant salad while I worked, and we were out the door at 3:40 to meet Justin (the farmer) at Lionstone Brewery in Geneseo for drinks. 

Did you know today was National Liquor Day? Well, it was. And that meant I had to have a drink! (That never happens!)

--It was also National Boss' Day. But I'm unemployed.  So back to the liquor.--

   ^^ Berry Shandy

It was actually really good, but I only got about three sips before Scott said I was cut off and he took it away from me. Smart move on his part. Doesn't take much alcohol to get me a little crazy. 

We ended up ordering a salad and some hummus, too, since we weren't sure when we would eat that night. And then it was off for the main event: Friday Night Lights!

   (Never mind that the lights aren't on yet...)

We went to the high school football game in Geneseo (where Scott went) to watch his niece cheer at half time. 

It was so cold. The sun wasn't even down yet and it was 

We had to take some pictures to pass the time: 

The little girls got lined up (all shivering) and did their performance: a chant, a cheer, and a dance.  Addi didn't participate much, and later said she was too cold to move. (I feel ya.)

As cold as it was, I'm not going to lie. I loved it. There's just something about small town football games with corn fields right across the street. And a good sunset to boot. My kind of Friday night. Under the lights, with the whole town together. 

We were fair weather fans and left after halftime. Z, the birthday boy, fell down and I just couldn't resist snapping a picture. Sad, but still oh-so-cute. 

Since the rest of the family hadn't eaten, we went with them to Culvers for dinner. I didn't order any food, but somehow ended up with a pumpkin spice shake. I didn't complain. :)

Now, I can't even make this up. I was sitting by Z and Addi at Culvers. Z knocked over his milk almost immediately, and no joke, half of it went IN my boot. Cleaned it up, continued on with dinner, and twenty minutes later, Addi dropped her water cup...I kid you not, down my same boot. What are the odds?! Two kids, two drinks, one wet boot. The whole table was cracking up. 

I got some smiles out of the birthday boy before saying bye to the family and hitting the road for a couple of hours. 

I made Scott pull over on the side of I-80 to get a picture of this:

Worlds Largest Truck Stop! The thing was giant. And lesson learned: any time any thing says "Worlds Largest..." you better believe we are stopping for a picture. 

We got on the road right at 8, and drove three hours to a Wal-Mart parking lot in west Des Moines for the night. 

Only three more hours tomorrow morning to Kansas City!

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