Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch

I did a pretty good job of keeping mysef busy yesterday, and today was no different.

Sticking with the early morning workouts finally got the best of me (after a whole two days), so I decided to just lay down and close my eyes for 5 minutes around 8am.  Well, those "5 minutes" turned in to TWO HOURS.  I didn't wake up until 10 when Hunter came in my room to see where I was!  Oops.  

Hunter was over because we had plans to go to the Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch with Hadley and Hudson this afternoon.  So I had to get up and get moving!  After a quick shower, I went to meet up with the rest of the crew, and we set off for Belton, Missouri -- picnic lunch in hand.

Hudson got ahold of my phone while we waited in line to pay.  He's really in to taking pictures right now.  Can you tell?

Once we got inside, the picnic tables were mostly full with school kids.  There were a few schools having a field trip there that day.  But we managed to find a table amongst them that didn't have a "Reserved" sign on it, and sat down to spread out our food and drinks. 

This is what happens when you don't get the fruit snacks out fast enough:

About the time we got to eating, a worker came around and, apologizing over and over, asked us to please move because we were, in fact, at a reserved table.  No big deal to us, we moved to another section and found a new table.

But she felt so bad for making us pack everything up, that she brought us over 6 fresh pumpkin spice donuts.  I only had one bite, but man, those things are dangerous!  I could have easily eaten them all.

The kids were so antsy to get to the toys, and the second we gave them the go ahead, they all took of sprinting for the sand bus (school bus full of sand).  That was a dream come true for the boys.  A bus to drive AND play in sand at the same time!?  Genius. 

While the kids played there, I got bored and snuck off to see the animals (my mom and Kelli were still with them.)

Goats and pigs (babies!) and donkeys... On top of the scarecrows and corn fields?   Oh it was almost too much fall goodness to handle.

   ^^ He was pretty disappointed my camera wasn't edible.

I got back in time to help the kids through an obstacle course, and then convinced them to sneak under the fence and run to the corn field for a couple of pictures. 

They about took off running through the field, which really got us all sweatin' it a little bit.  Kelli was screaming, "NO!  HUDSON!  You get back over here right.now.!!!!"  Because we were stuk on the other side of the fence.  It just took a little threatening and counting to two and a half before they came crawling back (before we got caught and thrown out)!

We hit the haunted house and giant trampoline, which was a big hit.  Even Hudson got some air!

Then they spotted the fire truck.  Ooooh the fire truck.  I didn't think Hunter and Hudson were ever going to get out of that thing.  

We raced some tricycles and milked some cows (another big hit) before the kids had had it.  2.5 hours of pumpkin patching was enough.  And we never even made it to the actual pumpkin patch.

The kids tuckered out, had a snack (i.e. candy), and barely made it to the car before passing out.

If you've got little kids and are looking for a fun fall activity, Johnson Farms has it all: toys to play with, toys to play on, animals, pumpkins, fire trucks, tractors, pumpkin eating dragons... You can easily spend a few fun filled hours at that place.  And don't forget to fill up on gourds on your way out!


Hadley and Hudson went home with Kelli.  Hunter and I went to Allie's first basketball game!  She's in 7th grade and hasn't ever played basketball, so it's a little tough for her.  

She still made the A team and played a little, before starting in the B team game.

   ^^ A team bench warmer, and NOT happy about it.

She scored a couple of baskets in B team, but her defense was what was really impressive.  She caused three back court turnovers in a row!

The Royals were playing game 4 of the playoffs during the game, and the score keeper had the game streaming live on his iPad...while he was supposed to be running the clock.  He only messed up the clock a ouple of times, but the refs didn't care.  They came over on every time out and asked for a score update. (They won.)

I talked the her coach after the game, and told him I admire him for what he's doing.  Middle school girls basketball in one frustrating thing.  I mean I could hardly even watch I got so mad!  "Catch the ball!" ... "Move your feet!"  ... "Use the $@*% backboard!"  Oh man.  I'm definitely not patient enough for that. But at the same time, I can't wait for the next game. I'm really excited to see how Allile progresses during the season as she learns more about a new sport!

Long story short, I am loving being able to enjoy so many things with my nieces and nephews, and am not taking this time at home with them for granted. 

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