Thursday, October 15, 2015

The van that never got washed...

The one goal for today:  get the van washed.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

First of all, the day is significantly shorter when you don't get out of bed until amost 10.  Ooops.  

Scott got up at 7 and covered me up with a zero degree sleeping bag.  That thing is legit. It kept me toasty warm until ... well, 10am when Scott came out to see if I wast still alive.  

I got moving, made a green smoothie, and decided I would be productive and finally get the van washed today.  It was past needing to be done, and Scott said it was a "gorgeous day out."  His idea of gorgeous and mine are different.  I was thinking 70.  It was 50.  I don't know about you, but that's a little chilly for me to be outside hosing off a Sprinter van in the shade. 

I decided I would go to the car wash and take care of it there.  Easier and warmer.  That required me to find quarters. Which required me to start emptying out Scott's piggy bank.  (Yeah, he still has one at his house.)

Well, that thing wasn't much help.  After about 5 minutes of dumping, I found what seemed like 10,000 pennies, a few silver dollars, and a few $2 bills.  Pennies!?  Where are the quarters, dude?!

(BTW, it's super frustrating to get every.single.coin out of that little hole in the bottom!)

Just added another task to the days agenda:  Go to bank to cash in pennies.

So off I went.  Two red solo cups full of pennies, and a handful of quarters (from his mom) to wash the van.

First stop was the closest bank.  It was empty, as was expected on a Wednesday morning.  I asked if she could cash out my change, even though I didn't have an account there.  They normally charge, but for me, she said she would do it for free. Score!  

$11.80 later, I was out the door and on to the car wash, just down the road.

It looked promising from the road, and even still as I pulled closer.  But a phone call to Scott confirmed my fears.  The 8'6'' clearance at the car wash was indeed NOT going to fit the 9'2'' tall van -- even if I tried.  Which I was fully planning on doing, for the record.  The nice man mowing the lawn out front told me to just pull up sowly and he would watch out for me.  That plan was about to go in to action when the owner of the car wash came out and put a hault to it.  No way.  Not happening.  The van would take off the sprayer arm attached to the ceiling on the inside.  Dang it!

He suggested another car wash down the road the opposite direction.  He wasn't sure if it was working or not, but said they had an outdoor one that could accomodate taller vehicles.  And sure enough, it was there, just like he said.  

It looked operational upon first inspection, so in went the quarters.  I got the hose out and started spraying the van with water, which was no easy feat.  That thing is big. And tall.  So I gave up on that and just decided to start scrubbing it with the scrubber brush that soap comes out of. was missing.  Comlpletely.  (Sure missed that in the initial inspection!) The setting was there on the machine, but the soap brush?  No where to be found.

Okay, no big deal.  Option B.  I'll just use the pressure sprayer to spray soap on.  Except it didin't work.  It was a light little trickle of some somewhat soapy substance.  Ugh.

I gave up on that, too, (and the rest of the money in the machine) and decided to just go back to the house and finish it there. So now the van was about half covered in soap. (Thinking I would just rinse it off at the house.)

   Dried soap on the windows ^^

But it was too cold when I got back.  I couldn't muster up the strength to do it with a hose, and Scott couldn't find the car washing stuff anyways.  I would just wait until it warmed up later and he had time to help.

   Yep, still needs washed. 

So I made eggs for lunch, hung out with Scott (at the kitchen table) while he worked, and played with his baby niece outside for awhile.  And soon, the afternoon slipped away.  I honestly don't know where it went!

   He has two laptops. I have one iPad.

Around 3, I remember thinking, oh, I should get out there and start on that van.  Scott and I actually made it outside around 4.  It certainly wasn't any warmer, and the car washing supplies were still MIA.  I pretty much gave up at that point. Call the day a failure and move on to other work on the van:  fixing the headlight and fixing the leaking sink.  (Both successes!)

MY contribution to the van. Labeling the clean and dirty water jugs. 

And then a bee came out of nowhere. Scott caught that face, too. 

Dinner was at 5:30:  Italian beef sandwiches, fried potatoes, and salad.  

After dinner, at 6:15, I finally changed out of my pajamas. And only kind of.  I mean bottom half only.  The tights I wore yestserday and slept in last night finally came off in favor of some jeans.  The tank top I slept in stayed on all day.  (And night again.)  

On a somewhat related side note, I just found out that yesterday was National No Bra Day.  What the...  How did I not know about this!?  I would have taken full advantage!  Well, that lead me to google what "national day" today was.  And wouldn't you know... National Dessert Day!  I suppose I could take advantage of that one, too.  

Insert me eating two mini Snickers and two mini Butterfingers. How can you not when this is sitting in front of you on the table all day!?

   Definitely moving this OFF the table tomorrow. 

And then Whitey's (local ice cream spot) after dinner for dessert.  Ummmm, yeah.  I'd say that's plenty of dessert for National Dessert Day.

I had a pumpkin shake, Scott had an Oreo one. 

I wonder what tomorrow's "National Day" is?  This could be fun... 

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