Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hudson's Baptism

It was a family-filled weekend.  After Hadley and Hudson's dual birthday party yesterday, we got together again this morning (Sunday) for Hudson's baptism.

Now, most people are baptized in the Catholic church when they are infants.  Hudson just turned 2 yesterday.  

I'll shoulder the blame for at least the last 18 months of that delay. Let me explain:  Kelli asked me to be his Godparent, which I was honored and thrilled to do.  But every.single.time. she asked me if I was available to be at the church when they offered baptism, I was out of town.  Apparently I was out of town a lot during his first two years of life.  

I got a phone all on Wednesday of this week with an excited, "HEY!  What are you doing this Sunday!?"  Knowing I was going to be in town, the dates finally collided!  It worked out even better because her family was already in town for the birthday parties.  Two birds with one stone:  birthday and baptism.


I sent Scott off a little after 7 this morning, and rather than going back to bed (like I wanted to), I walked the dogs with my mom.  

Turned out to be a good decision.  It was a crisp October morning and a beautiful sunrise!  

And come on.  How cute are my dogs!?



I don't know if I can technically call them "mine" any more since my mom has been taking care of them for quite some time.  But I'm convinced my Willow still loves me more! 

Anyways...  my mom and I ran some errands this morning, since baptism wasn't until after the noon mass.  With the fire, I am missing a lot of my clothes and shoes, so it was a struggle to find something decent to wear.  I had one dress picked out, but couldn't find shoes to go with it, so that had to change.  I ended up wearing a dress I got last year because I had shoes that matched, and just had to buy some red leggings from Target that morning -- along with a children's bible for Hudson as a little baptism gift. 

Hud was SO good all through mass, and so was Hadley.  She even took the gifts up for the offering with her grandparents and was pretty proud of herself for it. 

After mass ended and everyone left, we moved up to the front row along with the other two (infants) being baptised.  The priest came around and put oil (or something) on Hudson's neck, and I got out y phone to take a picture.  As soon as he saw it, he said, "I hear Tayla?  Tayla Swiff?"  Hahaha - it was all we coud do to not bust up laughing out loud.  I always play Taylor for him on my phone, so he of course associates it with the music now.  Pretty hilarious!

The main event was up next.  The poor kid just looked really confused the whole time, but he didn't even flinch.  And when I sat him up, he told the priest Thank You!  That one got some laughs, too.  He is just too funny!  {Click HERE to see the video.}

   {I posted this picture ^ on my Instagram and the priest found it and liked it!}

Hudson got a little robe thing, more oil on his head, and a candle before the ceremony ended and the picture taking began.

We all went back over to Jason and Kelli's after that for a taco salad lunch -- and leftover cupcakes.  I actualy skipped the cupcakes in favor of freshly made Heath brownies.  In hind sight, I shoud have had the cupake.  Today was National Chocolate Cupcake Day!  Dang it...

When we left there, we stopped by  my mom's house to see the progress.  They gutted the entire plae in a matter of days!  Crazy to see the place with no walls!

Most of the day was already gone, but I did manage to squeeze in a little run before the sun went down.  I was really lazy the last couple of weeks, so after I ran, I renewed my gym membership and signed up for classes every single day for the next week.  I'm going to be hurting for sure. 

                                                                                      ^ No more sleeping in for me!

Oh - and speaking of the house (and fire), my mom and I went to FedEx this evening and spent over $200 printing off a 1,200 page document detailig out allllll of our contents that were damaged out and tossed in a dumpster.  Now we have the fun task of trying to figure out when we bought it, how much we paid for it, and how much it's going to cost to replace.  Talk about overwhelming.

After dinner at Panera, I got started on that little (re: GIANT) task, and did that until almost 10pm.  Waaaay past my bed time!

I did get a quick FaceTIme in with Scott before bed.  He's wearing his Christmas present that I just couldn't wait until Christmas to give him:  Waves to Wilderness t-shirt that says SUMMIT on it -- because he's a mountain man and loves to summit mountains.  Clever, right? (Except now I have to come up with something else to give him for Christmas!)

Okay, since I'm just going to be hanging out here in KC for the next two weeks, I think I'll just post every few days.  I don't have much going on so it won't be much to catch up on...

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